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Spirit is strong now. The awareness and cultivation of Source Un-In-Terre_Rupted has taken the place of eons of humon dismay. There are no entanglements and the path is cleansed and cleared. You have granted your own self immunity. Take a moment to savor this accomplishment. The knowing is grand and spirit within is enriched. There is only one place that you turn to for comfort, compassion and understanding. The view of the world now is comforted by how you see it.

The energetic field that is identified by your own shining light indeed is felt by all that surrounds you. There may not be words put to the experience of your presence but be assured it is experienced by all. You have witnessed many variations of response to what you have called self. And diligently you have sought the archaic psychology of the times to create sense of the matters. That psychology has met it’s extinction through the brilliance of spirit knowing. Many perspectives, temporary norms, cultures built upon false securities have become extinct as well. This is seen through your eyes, felt through your senses and cleverly calculated and organized through spirit viewing. The knowing that has surfaced upon the planet is eradicating falsity by its very essence. Indeed the world is changed and humon is peeling the layers as quickly as possible to stay in sync with what is. These are new and very celebrated times…for those who recognize the beauty that has been gifted upon them.

The nurturance and quietude spent to allow Source-Un-In-Terre-Rupted is reaping full benefits. Each day has no other way to begin or pursue. Time and space can be viewed from this perspective of knowing non-stop. It is now the way of life. This way of life continues to strengthen and expand the consciousness of self and collective. One can easily view from this seat of power and find answers never considered to be found. Communication of this nature to other, on the other hand, is not necessarily evolved. It is an accurate assessment of the present day barometer of consciousness. Judgement does not exist in this equation.

Presence and awareness becomes a simple task when this absence of judgement is heartfelt and thus understood. One need only allow expansion of consciousness to register this new way. That expansion is a personal understanding and inevitable choice of these times. Quietude to listening may be only option of hearing truth within for this era. All may be different in a very near future as new unfolding consciousness is revealed. For now this may be the obvious stepping stone. There will emerge those among us who are pushing the periphery of expanded consciousness that will introduce new ways as has always been. The evolutionary moment of knowing this has arrived is when the collective humonity expresses it within the culture at the time.

It may appear that you are a stranger in a strange land and in essence you are… only all are becoming aware of this at their own pace. This unique revelation will become a necessary art and practice as more time unfolds. As one begins to own-up to their significant and individuated conscious self a new day of reckoning with genuine heartfelt self love becomes an evident occurrence. It will be seen, at first, as miraculous and then become integrated and a path of refinement. Here is when the collective humonity takes a stance of spiritual power and initiates directives that serve the tone of equality not only for this planetary system of species but the intergalactic system of species as well. Yes, a major step to imagine right now but clearly a no-brainer when the catalytic moment occurs.

In the meantime we are in the break-down. Perspectives of divide and separation are readily shedding upon this new planetary course. Humon is, in a sense, truly becoming Humon…the one that has been internally pushing and shoving to crack the egg shell. Warmth time has long been provided for and there is only one way to arrive and that is “cracked”. Yes, cracked open, ready for nurturance, cuddles and family. Together we partake of Source-Un-In-Terre-Rupted.

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