Monkeys In the Water

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MonkeysIn Water

The dream shows a yacth of sorts with a mote of water all around the periphery of the boat. There are thousands of medium to small sized monkeys sitting on the edge of this pool-like mote bathing, sunning and socializing. The mote is circling with a current indicating to me that the water is perpetually cleared and cleansed. I note the mon(k)eys are well behaved? by the fact that they are not entering the walkway around the main cabin of the boat. They seem to be content with what they had been offered. When I spoke with the owner, Captain of the vessel, he simply had a desire to assist the many mon(k)eys needing a safe harbor, a home where they could relax and be in the nature they were born into.

As I strolled around the main hub of the ship I noted one single garment of my laundry that I suspect I had hanged to dry one level up and it had fallen in my path, a lightweight pair of long legged shorts. When I reached down to pick it up a small dog one level below barked as if to say “ Don’t forget me, I’m with you. Give me a lift up”. Tickled, as usual, by the mere presence of a dog I ventured over to give assistance.

I often wonder in lucid life about the many emerging “Monk Keys” why I put parenthesis around the above “Mon(k)yes)’s words. Monk Keys indicates that there is a certain wisdom beheld within the modern monks of our times. Modern, meaning many are walking now in and among us but not necessarily obvious or even clothed as a be-ing on a spiritual path. Unlike the noteworthy attitude of India and relations to be-ings on spiritual paths here in America and just about most countries other than India have created a past representation of honor and reverence for those who seek the deeper meaning in life. I often think the absence of this all around the world is a rather grave loss, especially when most who have been labeled “Special Needs” more than likely fit into this genre of existence. Thus the absence of this support leaves many a “Monk Key” on their own and hardly recognizable in these times but needing the obvious support none-the-less…just like the mote provided for the monkeys on the ship…needing a safe harbor, a home where they could relax and be in the nature they were born into.

This understanding and embrace could certainly, IMHO, enhance the humon race from the heart space of compassion and evolutionary consciousness. The true mentorship of a Monk Key has clearly expressed be-ing needed in the world but the collective is just not ready to recognize this value. Ultimately, I sense this kind request for their understanding and guidance will emerge…perhaps when the hundredth monkey happens!

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