Return to Silence

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I return to the silence filled with reflections from the night. There is no contrast to this quietude yet it speaks loudly to me. I recall conversations speaking to the inner engagements and the outer recognition of a worldly and infinite existence. More than thoughts were exchanged. More than concepts were exchanged. Impressions and partial knowings were considered in the words shared. Together we recognized the multitude of layers that we are and the realms that were righteously devoid of language in the physical. We knew, together, that we are more and more is revealed via the sacred covenants that only one can identify. Yet we explored in our exchange the resonant tones that conveyed a brilliant understanding that now we are more open than ever before. Now we know and the stirrings of our individuated consciousness was revealing a new language…something extraordinary to self, something magical and worth our effort to convey.

There was caution shared as we intend astral travel, as we intend a visit or more into and out of our physical suits. Be watchful, know thyself, take precaution, set the the intention of benevolence and then proceed. Set agreements before you as the energies are encountered and know the intergalactic truce of all Nations. Make your request and then make your way. There can be no in-terre-ference, friendly relations, good communication, learn about each other and the many varied entities and orbs of delight that exist within the multitude of universes. Seek the shared resonant tone of equality. There can be no harm. Explore and desire learning the Source of all and how it has become what it is. Be OK with what is and grow. Become.

The ancients of our own selves arrive in all ways. We tap upon each other requesting a visitation, a communication in which we remain safe and unimpeded upon. Enough of the inquisitions that have occurred. Time is Art, the Art of Peace and genuine Worldly Ways. Deliberation and hesitancy is a no longer needed form. We sense, we listen, we respond with the greatest of authenticity and kindness. There are virtues of the heart shared by many…seek the many…become the We.

Today is our day as is every day. The portals are of our own creation. Visualize, imagine as your truth sears through the openings of infinity, your infinity, our infinity, an eternal trust…together. We have this and we have sooo much more. Breathe, relax, enjoy the fruits of your own blessed Earthly Experience and go further beyond the time and space, beyond the rules of form…re-form and know your freedom and then know not that at all.

Poof! In one breath you are not any of this. Poof! You are now something new, different, another location…another incarnation perhaps. All-ways You on the journey of infinity…that individuated consciousness that travels to the ethereal dreams only You can imagine. Fly Free Deer Ones for the We is greater than we think and the heart is joined by many Nations. We are growing. Sing in the Inter-Galactic Truce and together we change Universes in the love that only can be known.

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