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Go Black II

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Go black is a silent, telepathic tool of regrouping personal energies while the observer remains present. It can appear as withdrawal but it is not. It is not for the very reasons that love isn’t withdrawn, it is shielded and protected within its own right. The observer role is simply to listen and observe. No part of the creator-source need interact for validation or connectedness on the mundane level. Yet creator-source knows connectedness is totally there and thus love is there.

However the observer presence remains untouched by the residual entanglements of an illusory reality dissolving. This may be witnessed and often is in superficial exchange of conversation and chit chat amongst people. Pay no heed for personal well be-ingness. Go Black and allow observer presence to be the person-place-holder.

There are digressive states of the personality that need release and recognition for what they are – digressive states of dissolution. Essentially this is a necessary falling away of skins and layers that no longer serve, a cleanse, a fundamental step for growth. Let go of the old and make way for the new, simple law of physics and simply “what is”.

The knowing is now. As we center and ground with what is organic, the naturalness of be-ing humon upon this innocent Earth, our listening heightens. The telepathic, invisible energies that have spoken to each of us for eons appears to be amplified. The transmission of self has always been there and the thinning of the veils makes it appear as though something is new and different. It is not. We are seeing as we have always seen, from within, only now the obstruction is lessened.

The collective call for transparency is new upon us. As we become more astute to our personal power we begin to recognize the re-emergence of ancient and inherited tools. Nothing is new here but remembrance of who and what we are.

Article is included in the Get Lit Show, episode 78, viewed at Full Bloom Productions YouTube Channel.

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