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Emotional Body… spirit humon walking upon the surface of this Earth.

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Emotional Body

The incarnations that we are born into present the set of collective standards, taboos, values, etc. that are occurring in the relations and environment of that particular moment. These instances then begin the impressions, enculturation and imprint upon our be-ings. Later in development we have the opportunity to begin distinguishing and discerning what resonates and what doesn’t with our inner spirit and subtle intelligence. Choices begin to emerge from an invisible prompt that propels each of us towards our own unique beauty, awareness and inner knowing. The quest upon Earth readily reveals there are challenges and invited dynamics that seek balance for each humon be-ing. The skills in which we approach this are now interdependent and unique to not only the individual but each and every instance. Here is where the collective standards, taboos and values may require a re-assessment and newly found appropriateness to the call from within. The re-calibration of “what is” in our external reality is now facing “what calls” from our inner world. Thus, the dance of becoming a spiritualized humon.

As we note the status of our immediate world and embrace the realities we are living with all kinds of pertinent awareness arise. From an early age we recognize where limits and freedoms may be experienced. One of these areas is our “Emotional Body” and what is and is not acceptable. Granted there is a range of acceptance depending upon geographic area, culture and the parents and guardians we have been born into.

We have learned much about the psychological implications of an “emotional body” experiencing fear, joy, support and violence, etc. Defense mechanisms appear to serve our protection and survival and also offer guides for making healthy choices. My quest is where the collective “emotional body” may be during these particular times and how our New Earth is to emerge with a healthy persona so-to-speak.

Emergence of concepts such as transparency, authenticity and honesty does not imply we now have the right to be coarse, mean and blatantly hurtful. It means we are turning inward and evaluating our integrity for self and other. It’s not about selfishness and the freedom to trash others and spill our guts with no recourse or sensitivity of our actions. Today is about genuine self exploration and a good deep pondering of morals, kindness, sensitivity, respect and reverence of others.

Our “emotional bodies” have been deeply wounded by secrecy, lies and immaturity. It’s no wonder we can barely answer the question “How do you feel?” Safe spaces that hold no judgement and incrimination for all of who we are is a rarity. We are caught in the myth of rescuing another’s feelings by sugar coating what we say as “be-ing nice”. This is a blatant misconception and a feeding ground for martyrdom.

Deep down within there are voices crying out to be true to one’s self. But the safety of this expression is undeniably minimal. With a world filled with racism and every ism you can think of a category is readily tagged to your every move…whether that be a positive or negative tag. Thus, the continual struggle to be who we truly are or be what stays safe and unaccused.

The result is a sadly injured and feared for “emotional body”. Yet in the absence or hiding of this body we are not whole. Our journey is a continued soul retrieval for the very essence that sparks our lives.

Come out, come out wherever you are and rise up! We need leaders in this world right now who are mature and spiritually evolved enough to represent a “spirit humon walking” upon the surface of this Earth.

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Alchemical Imagination Journey for Solar Eclipse

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Alchemical imagination

The Solar Eclipse is in her revving up stages and there is an opportune invitation to create and enthuse a portal of one’s dreams and visions. The messages on the Social Network seems to be prompting each one of us to FOCUS, get clear and recognize a Unity Consciousness is in the mix. There is also mention of the long standing request for Disclosure. I interpret the Disclosure as an unveiling of the technology and knowledge already gained and entered into our data bases that intergalactic relations have existed all along, have provided advanced technological assistance and there are benevolent families in harmony with our utmost benevolent visions. They await Disclosure so all can participate and benefit from this shared love wisdom.

What is Alchemical Imagination? Once recognition of the power of our imagination is known then the application of design and alchemy come into play. In this inner field of knowing we are co-creators and co-communicators with all life. This includes the plants, minerals, humons, Earth life, etc. and in terrestrial family members of benevolence. Source is the common denominator therefore all is accessible, knowable and livable. Upon knowing this from within we as, Spiritual Leaders, are fully equipped to change the World and Worlds. It’s a given after we get past the hallmarks of imprinted limitation and dumbing down suits. These suits of ignorance are a choice. Now “Go Between The Worlds” your be-earthrite of travel and polish your tools of Alchemical Imagination because everyone has been called to action.

Here is simply my proposed vision of an Alchemical Imagination Journey for this Solar Eclipse. I embrace seeing each one of you on the way.

Quiet yourself. Put the mind chatter in the background. Make breath, stillness, your 1st attention. The more quiet you can get allows more enthusing of the alchemical process. All levels of contribution serve don’t under-estimate how powerful your moments of focus can create a large wave, especially when remembering you are not doing this alone. WE ARE DOING THIS TOGETHER. In your stillness be confident of your part, the part that only you can do. There’s no need for self doubt. That’s a mindset you can press “delete” immediately in any moment of its appearance.

The Solar Eclipse has been recognized for eons as a powerful portal of great medicinal potency. The “powers that don’t be” have been using it for a long time but not necessarily with the intention of benevolence. That’s why we are choosing this collective focus as we are greater in numbers and force if we apply our innate skills. That’s the invitation here and now. Activation of this portal is already occurring with peak moments to arrive. Your focus counts right now.

Call on all benevolent relations to be here now. I will be repeating the word benevolence to assure only that quality of assistance is present. This is a clarity word and a protective word that you are only calling in the highest quality of the heart intentions. We now have set our joined sphere of Unity Conscience that represents purity of intent and purpose. Know This to Be Truth.

The invitation of All Relations offers the crystal rainbow bridge between the worlds. It is an acknowledgement of all relations participating in benevolence that are seen and unseen. Experience how the energetic field has expanded. This is our shared field that we are building upon and enthusing the expansion of our focus.

Allow the sensations to be present in your body. It may feel like an increased pulsation, open meridian upliftment, burst of vitality, other worldliness, heightened awareness, increased sensitivity. Allow and find comfort in the collective connectedness and pulse of benevolence. Trust what you feel. No need to apply conceptual understanding as that will limit your journey. Feel. Be.

Gold is a significant alchemical substance. Begin with a golden heart within. Visualize the tiniest golden threads growing from this beautiful, golden heart. Give the threads a pulse, gentle, loving, all embracing. Experience the pulses within then slowly begin to see these threads reaching out to the visual of the Earth. Surround her and focus upon a center of benevolence within her, around her and call out to the Collective Unity Consciousness that you are focused upon joining. Know you are joined the moment you give focus and attention. Rest and pulse in this field. Enthuse the vibration with your focus and inner visualization. Let your body accept and re-calibrate as this grows in intensity. Breathe when you feel its expansion and know this is WE. This will allow your physical unit not to be overwhelmed. Breathe it in, Breathe it out. This is WE. Breathe within your heart center and let the gold get brighter and shinier. You can wave your hands and arms to allow calibration and integration and expand your field. Shamanically add a breath sound, swoosh, whooooo, whatever and wave with cleansing and clearing intention holding the thought “All Is Released That Does Not Serve Benevolence”. Relax and re-experience your upliftment and upgrade of sensation. Remember this is WE not you alone. Not here, not now, not ever.

If you have come this far you have contributed greatly. Some of you may want to have closure here and that is so perfectly fine. You can close with inner thanks and knowing in your heart you have done your offering. For those of you who can increase vibration further stay with me as WE continue.

Visualize the Solar Eclipse and the powerful intensity of the planetary alignment creating this portal. Sit yourself right in the center of this portal knowing all other relations, galactic families are sitting beside you. You have not or perhaps you have met them in the physical. Either way is fine. Sit in that portal knowing WE has expanded to include all with their skills, benevolence and contribution. Allow this renewed energy to be with you. Unfamiliar perhaps or not. Recognize the expansion between the worlds. There are no limitations…simply choices. Don’t explode yourself. Remember to breathe and repeat this experience as WE. You are not alone but the imprinted reality of illusion and mundaneness has brainwashed us into experiencing limitation. Know your power. Brighten your golden threads. Focus.

Together with All Relations wrap your golden threads underneath the Earth and with gentleness, love, sensitivity lift her up out of mire, pain and suffering and see her get lighter and lose the density of what no longer serves. Introduce a tone, any tone that is named as “The Tone of Equality”. A long aaaaaah sound or a hummmm or a breath whisper….any sound now magnifies the intent and focus.

As you tone and lift bring the Mother and All of Humonity and All Relations up into the center of the envisioned Solar Eclipse Portal. Bask in this collective embrace and RECEIVE the grace of power and cleanse offered. HEARTS RECEIVING as WE.

There is now a circuitry of electro-magnetic threads interwoven, pulsing as ONE and enthusing a rich and benevolent outcome for All Relations. Feel the pulse, remember the pulse. Give thanks for the pulse. It is WE in Unity Consciousness. Focus. Intent. Receive. We. Know your power and apply forever.

A softening return can be seeing from within while experiencing this infinite and universal pulse the plants, animals, minerals, humons and all the spirit relations in whatever form they were created. Return to Earth and your familiar whereabouts and merely envisioning them gives strength, courage and upliftment for a benevolent world and intergalactic re-union of benevolence. May WE remember together. Aho


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