Emotional Body… spirit humon walking upon the surface of this Earth.

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Emotional Body

The incarnations that we are born into present the set of collective standards, taboos, values, etc. that are occurring in the relations and environment of that particular moment. These instances then begin the impressions, enculturation and imprint upon our be-ings. Later in development we have the opportunity to begin distinguishing and discerning what resonates and what doesn’t with our inner spirit and subtle intelligence. Choices begin to emerge from an invisible prompt that propels each of us towards our own unique beauty, awareness and inner knowing. The quest upon Earth readily reveals there are challenges and invited dynamics that seek balance for each humon be-ing. The skills in which we approach this are now interdependent and unique to not only the individual but each and every instance. Here is where the collective standards, taboos and values may require a re-assessment and newly found appropriateness to the call from within. The re-calibration of “what is” in our external reality is now facing “what calls” from our inner world. Thus, the dance of becoming a spiritualized humon.

As we note the status of our immediate world and embrace the realities we are living with all kinds of pertinent awareness arise. From an early age we recognize where limits and freedoms may be experienced. One of these areas is our “Emotional Body” and what is and is not acceptable. Granted there is a range of acceptance depending upon geographic area, culture and the parents and guardians we have been born into.

We have learned much about the psychological implications of an “emotional body” experiencing fear, joy, support and violence, etc. Defense mechanisms appear to serve our protection and survival and also offer guides for making healthy choices. My quest is where the collective “emotional body” may be during these particular times and how our New Earth is to emerge with a healthy persona so-to-speak.

Emergence of concepts such as transparency, authenticity and honesty does not imply we now have the right to be coarse, mean and blatantly hurtful. It means we are turning inward and evaluating our integrity for self and other. It’s not about selfishness and the freedom to trash others and spill our guts with no recourse or sensitivity of our actions. Today is about genuine self exploration and a good deep pondering of morals, kindness, sensitivity, respect and reverence of others.

Our “emotional bodies” have been deeply wounded by secrecy, lies and immaturity. It’s no wonder we can barely answer the question “How do you feel?” Safe spaces that hold no judgement and incrimination for all of who we are is a rarity. We are caught in the myth of rescuing another’s feelings by sugar coating what we say as “be-ing nice”. This is a blatant misconception and a feeding ground for martyrdom.

Deep down within there are voices crying out to be true to one’s self. But the safety of this expression is undeniably minimal. With a world filled with racism and every ism you can think of a category is readily tagged to your every move…whether that be a positive or negative tag. Thus, the continual struggle to be who we truly are or be what stays safe and unaccused.

The result is a sadly injured and feared for “emotional body”. Yet in the absence or hiding of this body we are not whole. Our journey is a continued soul retrieval for the very essence that sparks our lives.

Come out, come out wherever you are and rise up! We need leaders in this world right now who are mature and spiritually evolved enough to represent a “spirit humon walking” upon the surface of this Earth.

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