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“GET LIT” This comical yet brilliant duo, Blue Star Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn, address just about any issue from a creative and new paradigm consciousness perspective to lighten up, be a spiritual warrior and “GET LIT” in all realms of your life.

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April 14th, 2016
GET LIT episode 56
“How Do I invite Source To The Table?!”

Heart emoticons are great but if you want to really feel the love you have to bring Source to you and through you. There is something valuable in experiencing sublime love when we send a heart emoticon but in order to feel deep transformative love you got to get real, get vulnerable and get in the real room with real people.

Sometimes a “creative solution” blatantly does not originate from an old paradym. It is the moment to turn it over to “Source-Presence” and allow the mystery to reveal itself. We are continually in awe of what is revealed if and only if we trust, be patient and allow the “creative solution” to be revealed. More Info:…

April 7th, 2016
GET LIT episode 55
“I Died of My Own Causes”

After conversation about this topic with my Co-Host Rebecca Hahn and joining guests, Tomas Qubeck and Alia Chandler (The Voice) we decided the 3 characters to be voiced in the upcoming “GET LIT” Live Broadcast on CCN are JFK, Princess Diana and Chief Seattle. What would their messages be in these times bringing “We The People” up to date on all the Truths that have been hidden from us and the real state of affairs of our Country and Planet and Inter-Galactic Nations?!
More Info Here Click on Episode 55

Article with Presidents’ Speech

April 2nd, 2016
GET LIT episode 54
“Finding An Affinity of Inter-Galactic Truce”

What if this planet is demonstrating chaos because we think we should be all alike but in fact we are not. And what if those who know they are earth stewards are truly trying to reclaim their “origins” home but because we have no Intergalactic Law “Divine Law” governing this phenomena we are in a state of disarray.
With all this considered I’d like to move towards what an Inter-Galactic Truce or Relations might look like. Full Article Here: “Finding An Affinity of Inter-Galactic Truce””Finding An Affinity of An Inter-Galactic Truce”

March 26th, 2016
GET LIT episode 53
“Un-Stuck” Yourself, “Un-Fuck” Yourself

The Planetary energies are here to assist us. Embrace this magnificent force and “Let Go”.
What is in your very thoughts at this very moment that continues to “tether” you to an old paradigm? Is there an assessment of life, the world, yourself that is still in the form of a negative judgement? Pause for a moment and ask why and how a thought of judgement only lodged within yourself is serving you?

March 18th, 2016
GET LIT episode 52
“Let’s Talk about Death” Guest Greta P. Allendorf

We have guest, Greta P. Allendorf, Home Funeral Guide providing essential information about Natural State Death Care.
I met Greta at Brew’s, a local Eureka Springs’ Cafe where Death Cafe was introduced as the sponsored event. This is a gathering where people are invited to eat cake and talk about the topic of Death. Greta facilitated the first discussions and she has some truly innovative offerings to make towards this topic.
More Info:…

March 12th, 2016
Get Lit – Episode 51 – We’re All Addicts

On this episode of “Get Lit” we get lit and get real about what behaviors are continually repeated to feed our addictive emotional nature. The need to be right, be seen and be heard are the crack, cocaine and heroine of our modern times. We dig deep and explain the cause of such addictive behavior, how it plays out in culture, community and individual and how self rationalization and manipulation keep feeding the addiction even when we feel we have kicked the habit. The recent solar eclipse has created an energetic and emotional free fall or void that is guiding us to let go of all that does not serve but is it not providing the next energetic tether yet.
Read More Here:…

March 4th, 2016
Get Lit – Episode 50
Springtime Energetics with D’Coda Grannywoman

In the spring we traditionally gear up to do a cleanse and a liver/gallbladder cleanse is often recommended. D’Coda will share reasons why this may not be such a good idea. Yes, we do turn our attention to the liver and gallbladder but we do so in a way to support their functions. D’Coda will also share some insights about Spring energetics and a few herbs to get us started harmonizing with the Spring Season

February 27th, 2016 
GET LIT episode 49 “Holding Universal Court”

What does “Universal Court” look like when divine law is the protocol to address any case? If the external world of judiciary proceedings do not fill the bill of truth, justice and equality why are we still using external language, analysis and problem solving tools to solve it? Do we have the discipline to ask and answer from within? Do we really know the commitment this takes? Let’s explore together. Put your issue on the table and we’ll go from there. Recommended Article by Blue Star
to read prior or after show: https://bluestardeerwomon.wordpress.c…….

February 19th, 2016
GET LIT episode 48
D’Coda Grannywoman/Botanical Medicine & Adrenal
On this episode of Get Lit we have D’Coda Grannywoman returning to us to discuss the physical, energetic and evolutionary aspects of adrenal fatigue. She is a prolific and wonderful storyteller who can take even the most complex bio-chemical and scientific components and weave them into a beautiful, captivating and understandable story. Today we learn the story of how our adrenals work in concert with a multitude of other organs, hormones, receptors and glands as well as how our thoughts can affect how our bodies maintain

February 12th, 2016
GET LIT episode 47 “In-Oh-Sense” – Innocence – Our Origins

Of late the most nurturing advice I give to myself is to get in alignment with my innocence, my child self that remembers how to relax, not be thinking too heavy and simply feel the flow of life move through me. I breathe easier when I remember my innocence and don’t take life too intensely nor over-analize it but actually feel my inherited child rite of freedom, ease and effortlessness. I respond with “Oh…in my senses” what a novel idea!…

February 4th, 2016
GET LIT episode 46 Consciousness -Love-Action

The New Age Movement of Love and Light and Politics and Action are equally dismissed for a number of reasons even though they represent either end of the polarity of life. Now let’s ask “What’s Wrong With This Picture”. This week we’ll delve into the “Balance” of Spirit and Action. How may we best apply a Consciousness of Love and Light while actively engaged in the physical change of our world?!

Towards the middle of the show Blue Star intuitively did 3 “Energetic Signatures” with intuitive readings for 3 of the participants, Biggi, Anton and Jerry (Pics below are in that order). 
This is your “Energetic Signature” A Now Tattoo. I intuitively open to any messages and then an image is shown such as the one you have received. The intuitive message is what I shared with you during the show. You’ll be able to retrieve that message once Archived Show is posted.  Enjoy! Blue Star


January 30th, 2016
GET LIT episode 45 “Play The Games of the Gods”

Eons ago living the UnKnown was cause for celebration…Dance and Song were our acknowledgements of un-certainty, mysterioso and the delight of the invisible realms. Although we are not aware of this delicious sport we are now be-ing called to again Play The Games of the Gods -Exactly Who We Are!…

January 22nd, 2016
GET LIT episode 44 “Scrambling for Clues” A Transformation”

As I observe the state of affairs I would assess life in this very moment as “Scrambling for Clues”. We are presently confronted with a crumbling system purely because of corrupt individuals within it’s organizational framework. Virtues of transparency, honesty, responsibility and Spirit acknowledgement has reached an all time low. Perhaps this has occurred for much longer than one’s present lifetime but it is now that we are recognizing the flaws and obstructions. As a result many have to ask “What is true and not true”. Yet the dissolution is not complete and thus the answers are still to be revealed, albeit, through our very individual “cell’ves”. In the sheer desire to want to know we are witnessing what I call
“Scrambling for Clues”. We now apply a journey of Transformation to this condition.
More Info:

January 14th, 2016

After Rebecca’s incredible trip to NYC- Gen-u-Win is the theme of this weeks show. In order to win you must be authentic. We focus on how we may apply this to business practices in this new world paradigm. With special guest, Hope Moore, head of Fix The World, we will gain new perspectives and flesh out what it really means to run a conscious business. What does it mean to be awake and aware and still hold true to all that you are, all that you want to accomplish while running a business. Can you still maintain your sovereignty, your autonomy, your integrity? Hope, Rebecca and Blue Star say “Hell, Yes!” Of course if you are not running a business this conversation is just the macrocosm of that which is the microcosm. Can we still be in relationship with family, partner etc while maintaining our integrity, sovereignty and autonomy? We say “Hell, yes!” Tune in to find out what is happening in the evolution of business, life and family. We are taking the evolutionary leap and we go deep into how this looks and what we can do to stay ahead of the curve.
More Info:

January 7th, 2016
An Exploration of Truth

Blue Star Deerwomon is taking us on a journey of exploration of Truth. She’ll be presenting some imagery via “Energetic Signatures” to prompt us into our “sensating bodies” while identifying the impermanence of all things. A preparation for this particular show is be thinking about the “beliefs” that you hold that create the truths of your co-created reality.
This is article of Shamanic Improvisation Session offered during the Broadcast:
Tomas Qubeck also joined the show and contributes some precepts from Desiderata that would assist in community living. Link Here:


December 31st, 2015
“Buddha Ford Clinic and Jesus Is The Therapist”

“GET LIT” New Year’s Eve Day with Jesus and Buddha! Party up because tomorrow you will be checking into the Buddha Ford Clinic to detox.

Last week’s show introduced the comical theme of Buddha Ford Clinic and we will take off with that one! Ohhh Yeeaaah, New Year’s Eve Day and you are invited to arrive with your favorite beverage in hand…our Champaign is chillin for the occasion.

Summary After Show by Rebecca Hahn:
The Buddha Ford clinic. Check into the Buddha Ford clinic and detox from those habitual negative emotions that plaque you. In today’s broadcast you will be joined by Buddha and Jesus as they break it down. They get real about the God within, slam dunk Buddha’s ego as he sits in the hot seat. Jesus calls him out on all that is toxic within his own thought patterns. Take this awesome trip into the New Year as Rebecca, Blue, Jesus and Buddha uncover the myth of universal love, the real PR person behind the Bible and how you too can feel unconditional love of self, other and all from deep within our heart. WWJD? WWBD? Well come and find out!


December 24th, 2015
“It’s Just Spiritual Dodgeball”

In this week’s show “It’s Just Spiritual Dodge Ball” we intend to shed ever more light on the maya, the illusion and the stranglehold it has on each one of us. In essence we are all addicted to the matrix and withdrawal is a bitch. Let’s face it, there are many fixes we each jones for and satisfy in ourselves but ultimately never to last or be a permanent high. Yet the addiction keeps us feeding the dealers and we wonder why the world remains the same.
Blue and Rebecca play with the metaphor of addictive emotions being like spiritual dodge ball. We are conditioned at such a young age to separate and conquer. Every man for himself. Take out the opponent. We use emotions to hit and feed our own ego…a feeding frenzy. Let us look at what purpose primitive emotions used to serve and how they are no longer evolutionarily necessary anymore. What can we do to rid ourselves of these addiction toxic emotions and if we no longer need to play spiritual dodge ball, what is that this new earth needs instead.

December 17th, 2015
“Stirring The Pot”

This week is coming in slow but a new idea is emerging. What if we created a FB Page that had no posts or images to lessen the bombardment of our minds?! Could we create a FB Sanctuary Page of only words, perhaps links without images, an authentic page of only conversational sharing?! Hmmm, one of the topics of this Show.

Hilarious and True Summary of This Archived Show by Rebecca Hahn

Rebecca apologizes in advance of her potty mouth prior to you viewing this weeks show! Holy Mother of All that is Sacred! This week’s show was a doozy. I guarantee we will be the only show on CCN with a three second delay. We begin this show speaking about how we can find sacred space and authenticity in our social medium which then leads into a conversation with our viewers about how to create this in retreat and the presence of others…then…oh, well then all hell breaks loose. We digress, we admit, tears streaming down our faces in laughter as we dissect what it means to be stupid…even fucking stupid and how you too can avoid the stupid rabbit hole. Spoiler- we did eventually pull it together and continued on uncovering the deeper more subtle hues of integrity, principles, self governance, the God within and Jesus. Yes Jesus, we like his principles and integrity but the buck stops at getting nailed to the cross. That is such an old story. And yet within the circus that is Get Lit we all made new and profound connections and insights. So tune in, Get Lit and bring a tissue–oh the laughter and tears you will experience. Thanks again to our viewers for all their insights and keeping us on track. And next week a special edition of Get Lit from Blue’s womb. A must see event!


December 10th, 2015
“Memory Complexes and Pre-Fab Traps”

This week insights shared about memory complexes and universal law and, of course, whatever occurs in the moment of these consciousness conversations!

Here are links to the 2 articles Blue Star Deerwomon will be referring to:

“Memory Complexes” Pre-Fab Traps
Universal Law


December 3rd, 2015
“Try Absence of Discrimination”

This thought “Absence of Discrimination” occurred to me while pondering the “Neutral” or “Zero Zone”. I played with guiding myself “not to conceptualize and not to discriminate” just so I could venture more deeply into the “Neutral or Zero Zone”. It was rather effective. We’ll go further into this exploration during the show. I make reference during the show to my recent article:
“Round Table With Myself” Thanks to CC-iN, Dani & Lisa Blue Star Deerwomon

SEE-SEE IN The last week has marked an interesting and paradigm shifting time at the CCN home. Many of us have been challenged to practice floating in curiosity, non-polarization and unconditional love. Today we explore what it really means to be untethered to our addictive and habitutating response triggers. We go deeper into what it means to be untethered to a false truth and float in the vastness of our own curiosity, never needing to find the answer. An exciting show with lots of meaningful sharing with our viewers around our souls affinities, our need to clear and clean up our triggers and what it truly means to be a muse. We have a big collective aha…our shadow selves are shared as a universal muse that informs us and assists in our clear seeing, as tough as that may be at times. Tune in, drop down and GET LIT! Rebecca Hahn


November 26th, 2015
The Great Alone

We’ll tune into our personal revelations and be present, as all-ways, and share our insights. This show we’ll be referring to the article: “Going It Alone”.
D’Coda, Grannywoman also joins us and will speaks  about how gratitude improves digestion…and perhaps digestion in general since folks will be working hard to digest Thanksgiving meals.

The Great Alone This weeks show focuses on the evolutionary importance of solitude. How those who live a solitary life tend to be profiled as spinsters, bachelors or anti-social or shunning their responsibility to society or SELF. In fact it is just the opposite. Whether you are partnered or have a family one can invite in the Great Alone and one must. It allows us to create great spaciousness within and create room for the grand responsibility of knowing oneself in order to know another…all others deeply and authentically. We explore what it means to sit in the Great Alone when partnered, with children, in celibacy or sensuality. We have this idea of solitude all wrong and it time to Get Lit up about the beauty and expansiveness of redefining the Great Alone…because ultimately we are never alone. Rebecca Hahn


November 19th, 2015
Latest Thought “We Are All Refugees”

November 12th, 2015
Botanicals Can Help with fluoride, cadmium, arsenic, various xenoestrogens … in the water

Did you know some plants are able to protect us from contaminants in our drinking water such as fluoride, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and xenoestrogens like phthalates? D’Coda will share their secrets on this next Get Lit broadcast.

November 5th, 2015
“Radiation Protection – St Louis is Hot!”

D’Coda  joined us and presented on one of her curriculum courses: Radiation Protection. In light of what is presently occurring in St. Louis, MO this information is very timely.
After Show Summary:
Once again we have the brilliant D’Coda on our show, Director of the Ozark Herbal Academy. With the increase in exposure to radiation across the country D’Coda will educate us on how we can take precaution and rid our bodies of the toxic radiation burden. Simple and highly applicable herbal remedies and supplements that are right outside your front door. How empowering to know that everything we need is within our reach. Her brilliance is only topped by her ability to impart her knowledge in a highly accessible format. We love having her on the show and you will too! Tune in- get stoked-and Get Lit!

October 29th, 2015

October 21st, 2015

October 17th, 2015

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September 19th, 2015

September 12th, 2015

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Offering tidbits, “Digestible Bytes”of consciousness, tools, issues on the table. In this discussion Blue and Rebecca interview each other, address topics of dance, improvisation, E=MC (2), Quantum Energy, iTech and tension of anger to name a few.

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