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Seeing Through The Eyes of Oneness entry 15 from Bk. “Going Black”

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As I see through the eyes of Oneness there are no borders, everything is in equanimity. The distinctions are simply made up and put in position as placeholders for illusory experience. This awareness prompts questions such as “For what purpose do we assign illusory parameters?”

We set up hypothesis and set parameters to test limits, consequences, cause and effect to dissect, eliminate and learn. Yet the ingredients of all these endeavors come from a source of Oneness and equality. Not until we divide and categorize do they then have limits and assigned assets and values and socialized meanings. Brilliant, huh?! That’s life here on this planet.

Now take a step back again, experience the spaciousness and view this scenario from your very depth of perception and then step back behind that, behind your opinions, evaluations and judgements…essentially back to source. Everything is equal in this moment. We get to ask significant questions here all about Self and the choices infinitely open to that Self.

When we recognize the power and strength of be-ing in this humon suit, this craft or vessel one can be deliberate in choices. It is not a mere at the mercy to exist. It truly is a gift when one can view from this spaciousness and effort to surrender. What does one want to superimpose upon this aqueous substance, this plasma of creativity and forming potential?

I have found a self serving tool of “breaking it down”. I start with illusory reality and go backwards in my un-covering of how illusory existence came to be. My findings suggest that consciousness creates form and illusory reality, the material world. Therefore, it is upmost importance to me to understand and self direct my every thought, word and deed. As I recognize my impressions are reflected in my surroundings.

This brings up very pertinent questions as to why then if I imagine a peaceful world the outcome is not demonstrated? Here lies the understanding of a collective consciousness, consensual agreement and thus a consensual impression upon the material realm. If all are not on board with this self created power then much of our decision making is random, imposed by other impressions and in a somewhat old fashioned paradigm not very orderly, succinct or in alignment with a greater Oneness.

There is another thread to be examined here as well and that is the greater Oneness and alignment with the planetary energies, with what is. There is a distinct nature of divine order in all things if one chooses to examine and compare the nature of all life. We have witnessed this process merely by spending time with Mother Earth, noting the Stars and Planets and even going more deeply into the intelligence of bacteria. There is an undeniable eco system of life that demonstrates an evolutionary process of intelligence, order and cyclic existence. Thus, all my relations is considered a sacred knowing and honor of this unity consciousness of Oneness.

We have a choice to simply allow this synchronistic process to flow through ourselves and join with our relations in this integral union. We experience moments of this when having genuine ah ha moments and perhaps psychotropic euphoria. Meditation and deep reflection generally invites this experience. Ultimately an experience of bliss can be had. Then we ask why it does not sustain. The truth is it does sustain…when we once again turn our attention to it. Some consider this an art of mastery and perhaps that is exactly what it is.

Then we return to the obvious surroundings of a material world or do we? There’s a bridge here and then the bridge no longer exists. This is the examination of Self, perspective, choice and knowing a grand power in the grand design of humon and all existence, all intelligence. Our return is to the sacred Oneness. Yet it is not a return necessarily it is a turning of our attention. As has already been stated the Oneness and intelligence is already there. In a nano second of stillness the here and now reflects this brilliance. So why are we not all in bliss?

Let’s return to the beginning of this writing. It is the stepping back and experiencing spaciousness that then insights our Self as to how things work. The first stepping stone is giving to oneself the seat of observation and viewing. Once secure and stable in that view the examination may occur. This seat requires a genuine effort and choice to know one’s self but it is there all the time awaiting your presence and attention.

Upon taking your seat you begin to recognize the material reality for what it is. As a result you take an active role in co-creation. Then it becomes plain and simple to recognize that the material world that does not reflect our genuine and heartfelt desires is due to quite an entanglement and chaos of impressions not necessarily of everyone’s “conscious” choosing. However, the group and collective consciousness has a strong material and illusory world power. In order to reconcile this we need to return home to Self. Self requires sorting and disentangling and then recognition of genuine purpose and power. As we individually clean up and clear we then can examine and actually gain more compassion for why our illusory reality is the way it is. It’s a process.

Stepping away and gaining spaciousness is the first step in be-ing able to assess Self and then the greater picture. We have witnessed many people in many ways who have chosen to step out of reality so-to-speak to reflect and find themselves so-to-speak. Our world is flooded with books, teachers, methods, etc and how to do this. This is all fine and good but as a collective we are truly yet to get to the core of this matter and you could take that literally as well. We are dancing with “matter”, we come from “matter” but we have not chosen to explore “matter” and the essence of this form creating substance seriously enough.

The portal to these understandings is basically going backwards, reversing the energies, breaking it down from the formed material reality around us, to the form we are, the thoughts we have to the matter that created us to the invisible koan of Oneness from which we observed. Yes, coincidentally the questions of who am I, what am I. That inquiry still holds good wisdom. However, my suggestion is break it down more from the form backwards to the formless.

Entanglement is a good summary of our evolutionary times. Multitudes of impressions surround us and the confusion about who we are has even added to a more complicated scenario. Our external involvement and seeking of answers outside ourselves has led to dead end after dead end at least to the more significant quests such as peaceful co-existence and love.

Step back and take an eagle’s view of the world for a moment. Release your emotional reactions and probably me-ness of despair or depression. Can you find that seat if only for a moment? Can you even find a chuckle emerging at the absurdity of it all? I don’t mean a sarcastic and cynical chuckle I mean a genuine WTF chuckle that knows better somewhere, somehow within it all? And then do u feel that relentless tug that says ok now that moment is over and you return to a very groggy and mundane attitude about your life. You simply pick up where you left off, tell yourself to get a life and let that moment of chuckle just be a moment until another opening occurs? How many of you recognize a monotonous pattern that is your life and the desire to break out or experience something new? I’d guess that’s a good bunch of us.

Find your seat of power and dwell in it. Ask for the greater view to be revealed and ask for the spaciousness to be granted. There is a vast universe of life and creation here and now with only our attention needed, The mundane doesn’t go away…your relationship to it changes.

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