Divinely Brilliant!

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September 5th, 2014

Divinely Brilliant!

I am deep into my studies of Consciousness and Self Awareness with an embracing category of iTech (Inner Technology). At this time I am very immersed in the content of the Wingmakers and Lyricus writings. As a result I am experiencing a very deep guidance to my inner sanctum and the brilliance and genius of the inner illumined mind…something each one of us is endowed with.

The beauty of these studies is that each and every one of you are included. There is undivided emphasis on us, as a unified species, and the richness and inner value of our collective consciousness. I find this divine plan to be absolutely Brilliant! 

As a result my writings are inspired and stimulated from this divine source of knowing…available to all.

As I read content and as I have read all prior content such as the available writings of spiritual teachers, scripts, philosophies and science, etc. I have always allowed my heart to acknowledge what is truth and what is not. As I am intuitively guided from within and recognize what does resonate within my inner sanctum my knowing has been revealed and enthused by this very practice. This is where I share my writings with you from. I share what is truth for me.

The energetics of our world are potent and charged with the vision of new life, a thriving re-unification of the deepest blueprint within our DNA. Each of you are all-ways here with me as each revelation comes to the foreground.

Our “bamboozlement” of the past is over…”…freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose…Janis Joplin…” The energetics upon this planet was all-ways part of the plan. The time has arrived when the great experiment of “separation” is over as more and more of us are “waking up”. I sincerely, from my own inner truth, endorse this knowing.

Two days ago as I was sitting and having a meal my arm was gently bee-ing supported upon the table. suddenly, my body dropped with support for my arm no longer there. In an instant I recognized that my arm had gone through the table. My friend sitting beside me immediately responded with “you just left your body didn’t you?” I was still a bit altered by the experience but couldn’t agee more. Indeed, for that instant I did.

My focus has been on my iTech. It’s no longer a mental process, a well developed and thought out visualization or repetitive inner chant. It is a prayerful call to the creator, one source that I be aligned with my divine blueprint and purpose. This communion emerging only from my inner sanctum is revealing truths and knowings that we have always dreamed of. I am certain at this point of my journey that cultivating genuine surrender in this way and lovingly asking the egoic mental mind to retire is a sure way to allowing our higher self to take the driver’s seat.

This direction is no longer about any external practices and certainly no dogmatic traditions. This path is simply, You, listening to You and following those inner prompts. Granted, we still use external pointers such as rituals, ceremonies, etc. but they are not the focus nor the point. They are merely pointers to cultivate the energetics to become still and attentive. Eventually, a mere thought of stillness occurs by one instantaneous thought of intention to do so.

Surrender is a worthy word to contemplate, meditate and experience as deeply as you can stay attentive to the unveiling dynamics of its inevitable truths.

I was reading excerpts from a Wingmaker’s Book “Liminal Cosmogeny” and as I have already said I am well immersed in these sharings. My energetic bee-ing was drinking in every iota of the transmission. There was a genuine flow of shared resonant truths. During the course of these readings I was asking Source how do we know the barometer of collective consciousness relative to the content of these writings?! Although I wasn’t consciously keeping this inquiry to the forefront of my thoughts it was definitely within my energetic bee-ing to receive the data that would illumine my inquiry. These thoughts will make more sense as you read further.

As I was reading further into these transmissions I had a momentary pause. I noted in that instance that I backed away for a moment and rather than fully bee-ing engaged and receptive to the transmission I had to admit I had a “fear” moment of bee-ing “controlled” and maybe “misled”. This was an unusual experience for me because generaally if something doesn’t resonate for me I have enough distance simultaneously to make the call of where I want that data to resonate or not in my bee-ing. But in this instance I somehow felt too vulnerable and gullible. So I paused.

As I was reflecting upon this experience I realized that the above question was bee-ing answered. I, in that particular instance of reading, dropped into the collective consciousness and experienced where anyone might be at this particular time when bee-ing offered this particular transmission.

Now my experience up to this point was total acceptance and deep knowing that these transmissions are resonating with me. Then, of course, coming from this perspective and bee-ing totally engaged with the content I then turn towards the collective and ask how can I assist the collective, the species in a way that we can share and unify around these truths?!

I received my answer. For that particular moment I experienced “fear” that perhaps I was bee-ing taken, too gullible and possibly controlled. The typical reaction was to back away as if I had to cross my fingers and chant “go away evil…”. You know that all too familiar response.

So these are my shared insights from this experience. It’s totally understandable that at this time in our evolution we are skeptical and untrusting of outside direction and for damn good reason. Yet, in these times the solutions are grossly apparent that they will not be coming from the external world where they were originally created.

There is an energetic wave sweeping across this planet that indicates in a multitude of ways that our multi-faceted and multi-dimensional selves are absolutely bee-ing called upon for this next great adventure of our species and this loving blue planet. The elements of “Energetics”, “Sound” and “Light” as our upcoming resources is inevitable. We are entering the realm of the potency of the invisible and subtle energetics of all life and existence. As a result there is a divine prompt that says “go within” and trust who you are and how you are bee-ing guided.

As we return to our old and familiar way of life we are all too familiar with what and how the external has absolutely driven us to our scarcety and lack of freedom. We are all carrying the wounds of bee-ing manipulated and seduced into an illusion of dis-empowerment. Now we are screaming for freedom and seeking guidance and creative solutions for our new way through.

The catch here and the one I want to address is that throughout this “earthly experiment” we have experienced momentary truths and ah ha experiences that have kept us searching for that greater connectedness all along. We have found some of those truths within “the not-fully documented” scripts of spiritual teachings, religions, philosophies and sciences. We have found some of those truths in a variety of ah ha experiences. Each of us has had some experience in life that indicated there was truly more than what we were seeing. As a result an inner self adopted some as truths and some as not. We created our own individuated library in the invisible.

We are now at a point in evolution where all of this is bee-ing re-evaluated on an individual and collective basis. The search for that connectedness is increasing as the external world is offering less and less to hang on to. Energetically, the search has turned inward. As a result we are re-assessing the scripts, etc. for any kernel of truths that will assist us through these major transformations of the collective and Deer Gaia.

This re-evaluation is no longer pointing to any dogmatic or religious institution. Or for that matter, philosophy or science. However, it is pointing to an emergence of something we can trust and be guided by. In this process we reach for writings and listen to You Tube videos and watch for workshops, events, presentations to give us just one nugget of something to go on. But we are so tired and burned from the untruths it has become very difficult to know what to trust and what not to trust. In the end it is an internal war with ourselves. Where do we go from here?!

Yes, what is my point?!

This is my point….maybe…lol! Let’s see if I can readily get there…hahaha.

The “I Am” presence is about self responsibility, self governance and I Am presence, knowing one is a divine bee-ing having an earthly experience. The questions and the answers come from within. However, the “within” is what co-creates the “without”. So, the point is we will again see the likes of religion, philosophy, science and culture. But these quarters of creation will be enthused and co-created by the love-wisdom and truths of each and every one of us. The heart with all her virtues will be the resonating tone, light and frequency of our renewed blue planet, collective consciousness-species. As we allow the multi-faceted and multi-dimensionsal aspects of our heart-mind selves to emerge our multidimensional existence will be fully present in supporting us. This expanded consciousness that is fully prompted from our inner sanctum will enthuse the new blue planet in all her glory, love-wisdom and re-emergence of a religion, philosophy, science and culture that only knows to Thrive. Our unique and free-will bee-ings of light will co-create in our own likeness as we are enthused in the likeness of our creator, One Source.

Is this a leap of faith?! You bet it is!

Does your inner love-wisdom suggest anything else?

So to summarize…everything is under scrutiny but only from the eye-I within. Deepen self trust, take a deep breath and ask for the divine assistance that has all-ways been our be-earth rite. There is where we’ll find each other in unity consciousness and divine agreement that this “earthly experiment” is genuinely over and the newly co-created blue planet is what we are delivering ourselves to.

My suggestion is open whole-heartedly to the multi-dimensional existence of all life. Know we are not alone nor have we ever been alone. Turn your entire, devoted attention to within, the invisible and trust the outer creation will be a result of what you are cultivating in this very instance from that resonant tone, vibration, light and frequency of the eternal heart with all her glorious virtues radiating. That is who we are. I celebrate this with you!

So Much Love

Blue Star Deerwomon


Dimensional Corridors

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August 21st, 2014

Dimensional Corridors

As I explore my inner and outer dimensional corridors I hear the tones and music of family, Oneness. In these moments there is a spaciousness around me that supports the viewing of a world of illusion. Everything is flowing as a result of our own consciousness as a species. We are observing that there truly is an awakening happening across the planet and for those seeing more deeply an awakening within the universal infinite existence of All.

The patterns of usual questioning is dying a slow death. The genetic mind has hit the boundaries of useful knowledge. Energetic callings are asking each and every one of us to explore the unexplored…go deeper.

In this new context it is fully acknowledged that the world of illusion is a mask and game of pointers merely to provide wake up calls to our divine bee-ingness. It has been a well intentioned plan to arrive in the very places we find ourselves now. The layers we have shed cannot be replaced. We are exposed and naked in the face of our own divine selves. Vulnerability, not knowing, uncertainty now calls to us to become friends. As we cultivate this “nowness” of self we open the portals to a universal embrace. There is a clean slate bee-ing provided and new eyes to see one another and every living and nonliving matter of existence. All is our relations…All. There is no separation. So as we ask ourselves “who am I?” we ask this of everything in existence. The learning curve is now spiritual inquiry in every sense and dimensional plane of the word. Denial, avoidance, resistance bites the dust. And it bites the very dust we are created from. Expand the mind and know time-space as an ally and a choice.

There’s a new wave of confidence, trust and integrity tapping at our skins. The knowing we have that the world can be better and is, in fact, better the moment we trust what we are hearing. Only the individuated souls of our unified family can thrust this knowing into the skin of the reality we share as Oneness.

There is an abundance of truths and revelations that are personal and that are all of ours. We are as diverse as we are One. The genetic mind doesn’t need to understand this. The divine bee-ing who you are has the unlimited capacity to get this…always has. There is a spark of this authenticity within each and every one of us. You knew it as you came into this world. You played with it as a child. You dream about it every night. You observe it in the children of today.

Multi-dimensionality is becoming a household word. Discussions will be endless as the beauty of this existence joins our vocabulary. All will know what we need to know in an instant. All data and knowledge that we have created over the eons will be available like a public library. Education, Government,  Philosophy, Religion and Science will emerge as a pristine art of divine illumination. All will be connected by the very truths we are created from. There will be no interference.

Why do I say “..will be..?” Because this is a family affair. Yes, all of this is here right now but we are traveling as a species. This is a collective consciousness movement where you don’t lose your individuality but you are empowered as an individual through the connectedness of all. The genetic mind cannot embrace this concept. One is asked to go within, experience your divine illumined mind and trust what you know. Together we truly know what this is all about. We came here to remember and we came here as a unified force, a family, a species…Oneness.

Be in-couraged. find your grace and confidence in self. See freedom as always present. Watch the subtle changes, the miracles, gifts and ah ha moments. Notice the lights flicker, the sparkles on a snowflake, the glint of joy in someone’s eyes, the insect visitor on your lap and the loyal animal who just showed up in your yard. These telling signs are abundant. Take notice and appreciate!!!

Invite the messages to yourself that are nurturing and love the thoughts to death that disturb you. One mere flick of change of thought makes it so. No need for the genetic mind to dissect or understand the chemistry of this perception. Watch and trust your own experiences. No need to turn it into a 3D religion or practice. Just experience the nowness of it, say thank you and go on.

These words are not for pumping up the ego with a new program to impose upon yourself. I prefer to use the word “cultivate”, an active choice of free will, to nurture yourself.

“Now” is a moment by moment, breath by breath existence. There is no plan… simply right now. Are you aware of the very breath you just took while reading these last words?! This option is offered to you over and over again as you breathe over and over again. Join that with the awareness of your heart area and allow yourself to “bee”.

Ask all your questions from within and hear all your answers from within. Deepen your frequency of trust. After inner council with self we find our collective council together. This is a “species thang”…lol!

Take it and run with it. I am right beside you!

So Much Love

Blue Star Deerwomon

Thin Gold Fiber Threads

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August 19th, 2014

Thin Gold Fiber Threads

Imagine you are an infinite multitude of Thin Gold Fiber Threads. Gold is shiny and has an alchemical quality that transmutes molecular matter. There is a simultaneous existence in which we actually ingest gold and it stimulates divine consciousness. Gold acts as a conduit and electromagnetic surge of energetic matter. The ingestion of gold ignites neural impulses to the brain and then enthuse the impulses that awaken the brilliance that lies dormant there. Each of us has the seed of genius within.

Direct the gold to this seed to release your brilliance.

As I wrote the above I had a simultaneous voice saying readers will ask how do you know this, scientists will question my unresearched and unproven data, the mainstream will say aaah hum bug.

I didn’t expect to go in this direction but I do have information to share about this probable response.

As divine self meets science, religion, philosophy, government there will be an undeniable respect and reverence for our collective knowing. As a bee-ing of light shares what they know the knee jerk reaction will not be to disclaim their truth but to examine if that truth resonates from within them. I trust this is some of the beginnings of how we will reclaim and celebrate our unique diversity.

In this day and age the knee jerk reaction is usually based upon the egoic identity that holds beliefs that, albeit, were programmed, to negate what cannot be proven. As a result we set a pattern for negating our divine selves, the invisible, that which cannot be proven.

Today we are bee-ing asked to embrace that which we cannot see, explain or prove but that which we know from within is true.

In order to allow the wealth of our brilliance, genius and divine “I Am” presence to exist we are bee-ing asked to listen as we share our inner truths and knowing. When we listen it is not personal. It is simply an experience. What I have always shared with individuals I have mentored is that if I offer a resonant message that resonates with you then it is your truth, not mine. If what I share does not resonate with you then discard it, it is not yours. I have no personal attachment to either choice. However, I in-courage us to listen and discern for ourselves what is true and what is not true for your very own self. Thus, we set a simple platform for allowing diversity to emerge. And we create a safe, nonjudgmental space for us to express freely.

As we become more secure in our iTech we will no longer experience bee-ing threatened by what anyone says when it does not align with our held beliefs. We will confidently and compassionately listen and have the unique experience without any need to judge or separate. It will simply be an experience.

As we return to how I started this writing I share what I know from my own inner truth. What I write I know. What you receive from it is what you know. There is no need to judge or put it into any kind of category. It just is.

And in regards to the divine meeting the likes of religion, science, government, etc. I trust it will be from the integrity of our “nowness” that in each and every instance the divine and illumined knowledge and love-wisdom will be present as called upon. There will not be a need for a pre-ordained or pre-designed structure as the presence of our sovereign selves, our responsible selves will know each and every moment what resonates with divine law and what doesn’t. We will have reclaimed knowing that the phrase “In God We Trust” has always meant “In Our Divine Self We Trust”. And so it is.

Energetics, The Way Through

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August 19th, 2014

Energetics, The Way Through

We have lived a long life of the 5 senses. Our multi-faceted, multi-dimensional selves are the senses of the invisible.

Imagine your neurological system, the extensive fabric of nerve impulses and finely tuned communicators connected to our brain source. I like using visualizations from the artwork of Alex Grey. He demonstrates a very intricate visualization of this extensive and brilliant array of our divine earthly skin suit.

Imagine your own skin suit and all of its intricate design. Be your own artist in this visualization. Whatever comes to your imagination…use it.

Explore the heart area and invite a pulse of light to reveal itself to you. When the image occurs ask it to follow all those inner pathways of your earthly design and light it up. Set an intention for yourself. An example, as the light travels throughout my earthly skin I am uplifted in spirit and my body lightens up in density. Trust your inner guidance of how to navigate on this inner journey.

Once the body is enthused with your light and intention imagine all the filaments of your neurological pathways are going outside of your skin suit and tapping into the greater energetic field, the quantum field, our oneness. Breathe from your skin suit into the outer vastness and back into your skin suit. Know you are in oneness with all that exists.

This exercise is the beginnings of acknowledging that you are more than the skin suit. This awareness increases your sensory abilities beyond the given 5 we have learned to live and feel. In exploring your energetic connectedness with all that exists the earth entity begins to invite other sensory data within its knowledge base.

A significant guiding step throughout is this:

All Mind Aside, Give Full attention To What You Feel!

Meditate upon that guiding statement before starting your exploration. Ask yourself what is the deeper understanding of “All Mind Aside“?!

A parting note is this…In my personal practice I choose what I want to cultivate in myself. If I want to remember all the divine powers of who I truly am then I suggest that invitation to my higher self and invite the love-wisdom to enter my earthly consciousness. Alongside this request I watch carefully what the subtle energies around me are communicating. I practice patience and deepening of trust that all is bee-ing revealed. I listen for my inner voice to translate the divine messages.

I am always available to mentor with you via online.

iTech, Just The Beginnings

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August 19th, 2014

iTech, Just The Beginnings

In these times as we become more aware of our sensitivities it may appear that the energetics are overwhelming. The energetics are divinely in order. Trust that. The “mind” and old paradigm programming is the only obstacle to one’s peace, stillness and illumined activity.

In the past we were were led to believe that a whole bunch of protocol was necessary to change our reality. Thankfully that no longer pervades our consciousness. It’s a mere conscious thought that ignites the energetic of your vision or present thought into form. Be watchful of what you think…seriously. These moments of Now command that our words, deeds, thoughts, actions bee impeccable.

iTech begins with your own self awareness and ends there as well. There is no external force that will gift you your own divine intelligence because it is already a given. Everything on this quest will direct you back to you over and over again until you are standing in your own sovereign power. There are no other portals or external relief systems. The task at hand is You. And, yes, that now brings up the subject of “Responsibility”.

Responsibility was discouraged way back in linear time as part of the old paradigm programming. And we not only got use to it we settled into the limited comfort of external affairs taking care of our internal affairs. This was a critical turning point in giving away our power. Eventually, we even started to think we were empowered, albeit, by the external accumulation of symbols representing “power” or “value”..not in any way real power but false power of an enthused external identity. Thus, life continued in an external world of an enthused identity always striving for more.

Throughout this manipulated and well planned earthly experiment something always gnawed from within, reaching for some fulfillment that would be everlasting. A result, much growth of greed and desire for power. Once again, all part of the plan. But the plan, the experiment is over yet we still yearn. Question is “For What?”.

Eons of recorded life experiences will reveal the many spiritual journeys and experiences that have directed one to seek from within. The messages have been consistent. There, from within, you will find the peace that you have been searching for for eons. And so the story goes…

Along with these spiritual pointers a long scenario of disillusionment and despair follows. Why? Because we were limited in observing the rewards of our inner stillness. We looked for the old paradigm forms to appear after hours of prayerful searching. We looked for cars, houses and next month’s rent. Yet, small gifts did appear, some noticed, some not noticed. What we didn’t turn our attention to was the “energetics”, our sensory transformations, inner knowings and intuitive truths. We may have for moments but in the end we surely didn’t trust that inner voice quite enough to stay on task.

The “inner voice” has been crying out to each and every one of us since the infinite beginnings of existence. Now the “inner voice” is demanding our attention. There is no where to turn as this planetary illusion crumbles before our very eyes. There are no saviors or suggested government salvation solutions that will assist us in these times. At least, not from the external world of illusion. Nothing is going to assist from the outside. Are you ready to go within?!

It is time to recognize the value of the invisible, the infinite in the small and the grandness of you as a spiritual bee-ing having an earthly experience. I know these words and messages are not new and no one including myself can provide the answers. This is a solo journey of inner truth yet a collective journey of “oneness”. Yes, the mystery of all times continues to be present. Yes, the journey is from within with no clues but the ones you hear and trust. None of these messages of today or of the past are new. The question is “are you ready?!” Are you ready to take full responsibility for yourself?! Can you commit to the space and time to cultivate your inner voice and be nurtured and sustained by your inner divine bee-ing, your “I Am” presence?!

iTech, the basics, begin with exploration of your “inner voice”. Breathing with awareness of your heart area is a potent pointer. Listen when you hear from within, get familiar with what you know, sense and feel. I suggest that you sit with your knowings and deepen your frequency of trust. Be very discerning about sharing your truths in the external world. The external world does not reflect who we truly are…not yet. So I think it wise to consider from within what you choose to share. Note when your desire to share is still egoic in presentation. In other words, are you sharing your knowings to get validation or applaud for your brilliant vision?! Be watchful and protective of this inner sanctum of self love. Trust that your bee-ingness will radiate the truths that you are. Surely I could go on and on but in truth this is such a unique exploration for each one of us. Only you can know you and as a result you design the inner questions and you design the inner answers. Simply trust this divine intervention and power.

My parting message for this writing is “Deepen your frequency of inner trust”! Pay particular attention to the word “frequency”.

I am always available to mentor with you via online.

Awakening Return

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August 19th, 2014

Awakening Return

Clearly the energetics awaited me in Aouchtam, Morocco after returning from a 6-7 week One Network Tour through Europe. There’s an undefined energetic vortex that conceals codes to be revealed in perfect divine timing. I trust this is a circumstance that exists over the entire blue planet.

However, this distinct “on hold” feeling seems to be getting more pronounced and seductive through a “pulsation”. A “nearing of the door” seems to be an energetic proposal to then engage in entry as it is presented. In a way, there is an inviting force that suggests 24/7 awareness to be in ready formation for the forward moving impulse. Simply stated, stay awake, bee awake, move and breathe in wakefulness. Sleep is only for the dreamtime rejuvenation. Sleepiness in a wakeful day no longer provides an easy out. It actually hurts to be in ignorance. It presents itself via confusion, fatigue and extreme density within the body.

Due to the extreme body awareness occurring at this time that it has many demands to adapt to external forces it is in our best interests to remain restful, well nourished and awake from within our inner technology (iTech). The physical entity has been exposed to these external forces all along. The only difference is now we are becoming sensitive enough to identify and thus transmute consciously. So although it may be overwhelming to consider it is truly nothing new nor do we lack the necessary antecdotes. The only difference is it has been brought forth in our daily consciousness. Thus only the mind can create overwhelm. The preferred choice is to examine from the “I Am” stance and enthuse the inner will and iTech in joining and transmuting the energetic substance bee-ing presented. Everything is energy. Our empowered self simply applies illumined and intelligent activity via the heart resonance and co-creates the reality of our collective dreams and visions. This happens in an instance, no space-time relevance. Immediate intentional thought defies time-space, neutralizes gravity thus access to iTech. It happens in a moment, the only moment each of us experiences…Now!