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Awakening Return

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August 19th, 2014

Awakening Return

Clearly the energetics awaited me in Aouchtam, Morocco after returning from a 6-7 week One Network Tour through Europe. There’s an undefined energetic vortex that conceals codes to be revealed in perfect divine timing. I trust this is a circumstance that exists over the entire blue planet.

However, this distinct “on hold” feeling seems to be getting more pronounced and seductive through a “pulsation”. A “nearing of the door” seems to be an energetic proposal to then engage in entry as it is presented. In a way, there is an inviting force that suggests 24/7 awareness to be in ready formation for the forward moving impulse. Simply stated, stay awake, bee awake, move and breathe in wakefulness. Sleep is only for the dreamtime rejuvenation. Sleepiness in a wakeful day no longer provides an easy out. It actually hurts to be in ignorance. It presents itself via confusion, fatigue and extreme density within the body.

Due to the extreme body awareness occurring at this time that it has many demands to adapt to external forces it is in our best interests to remain restful, well nourished and awake from within our inner technology (iTech). The physical entity has been exposed to these external forces all along. The only difference is now we are becoming sensitive enough to identify and thus transmute consciously. So although it may be overwhelming to consider it is truly nothing new nor do we lack the necessary antecdotes. The only difference is it has been brought forth in our daily consciousness. Thus only the mind can create overwhelm. The preferred choice is to examine from the “I Am” stance and enthuse the inner will and iTech in joining and transmuting the energetic substance bee-ing presented. Everything is energy. Our empowered self simply applies illumined and intelligent activity via the heart resonance and co-creates the reality of our collective dreams and visions. This happens in an instance, no space-time relevance. Immediate intentional thought defies time-space, neutralizes gravity thus access to iTech. It happens in a moment, the only moment each of us experiences…Now!


Norway On The Lighter Side

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July 12th, 2014

Norway On The Lighter Side

Last night I had the opportunity to share my energetic impressions of Norway on a lighter side of things. The most notable about this countryside is the cleanliness. It is clean in a shared consciousness way. People seem to have more relations with the earth as a family. The cooperative care is visible.

The homes and especially where we are at the present moment reflect much ergo dynamic attention. Placement of homes are in full utilization of space…the feng shui is spot on. Appliances and mechanisms seem more advanced than the states. Simple gadgets take on a whole new purpose. You can tell these items have been thought through with efficiency and simple application in mind.

Then we commented on the food and how incredibly fresh and good it was. It seemed everything was organic. We were informed there are no individualized organic stores. There’s no discrepancy bee-ing made. It was apparent that the food was so cared for it didn’t really require a separate environment of higher vibrational attention. Now that was a new perk to experience. Made the food of the states look more like crap than it is. Interesting!

I know Europe has been living more ecologically years, if not decades, before the states. You can feel the lineage of their choices. A community spirit is here and I can sense the unified care of the country.

On the other hand, the oppression and enslavement of the people is here as well. The “freedom” consciousness and “creative expression” consciousness is subdued like anywhere else. The boxes and patterns are prevalent and the conformity is obvious. Yet, here the people have a little more chutzpah and innovative forms. It seems to be working. And it also may be contributing to a deeper attachment to comfort…one of the many tools to sedate and keep an individual from looking out, looking within and tapping the greater divine potential.

I read somewhere, not long ago, that “comfort” is one of the many stumbling blocks for people not to rise up and take our power. I think there is much truth in this. Comfort  can endorse a false sense of security and willingness to settle with what is. It can be used as a “dumbing down” tool and prevents us from taking risks, exploring the unknown, shaking things up so-to-speak to gain new perspective.

Have you ever notice the burst of fresh air and energy that goes through you when you are traveling and everything is new and unfamiliar? And the freedom you experience when there is no set itinerary or ritual pattern calling to you? Every moment becomes precious and creative. I trust this is the “New Now“.

Dream Weaving

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July 10th, 2014

Dream Weaving

At first I experienced this unusual quietude in Norway. Then it occurred to me that something felt askew. The energetics readily revealed that I was experiencing “sleepiness”. That we were literally here as a “wake up call”.

When I started to examine the energetics my description would be that of bee-ing drugged or sedated. Then the overall picture presented itself and I could sense the collective consciousness asleep. Everything started to appear stilted and surreal. I even wondered if the sky was fake and sprinkling sleepy dust upon the country.

In the late evening light it totally took on the essence of a “dream” state and that’s when I received my clue and prompt to work with the “dream body”. You could sense many had gone to bed but even if people were awake I sensed they were asleep.

My position unveiled as dream body communicating with dream bodies. Just before this I was experiencing deep telepathic communication with 2 individuals I had worked closely with in this lifetime and still do but on the ethereal and invisible planes. When I observed my telepathic moments I could identify that the energies were similar to the dream state. Then I put these 2 “knowings” together and felt guided in my intentions and energetic direction.

I was in a stance of lucid dreaming. The ease of maneuvering was as light as the ease within a dream state. I knew I was able to join in the collective dream state and begin sharing messages.

The call was simple and I spoke in a gentle, soft voice “wake up Norway, wake up…everything is ok, we are in oneness, we are changing the world and softly repeated 3 times I love you, I love you, I love you followed by a whisper saying Mother, Mother, Mother”. I felt the family of souls unite and the message of oneness and love drop into each and every dream cell. Then ever so gently little glittery sparkles emerged from the collective of people and the energies started to clear. There was upliftment. I felt the consciousness open and ready and receiving.

I imagine similar scenarios of this nature are all over the planet. There are pockets of sleepiness and thankfully there are pockets of high consciousness. These pockets incite my “system busting” nature. I can sense limiting energies. It’s as if I can sniff them out wherever they may be. They come in all kinds of flavors. some are demonstrated in literal and verbally expressed beliefs, physical body language, forms, choices and so on. My very energetic signature goes into some kind of an alert signal then I listen for the cues. I am either guided to address directly or begin an energetic dismantling of the blockage. Sometimes I simply have to remove myself from the diminished environment and work from afar. Eventually, the air clears and the uplifttment occurs. I readily can feel the change and my comfort level changes as a result. I become the barometer of where the limitations lie as well as where the uplifted energies exist.

When I first started this energetic assessment it was difficult to differentiate my personal feelings from the collective. So if I experienced negativity I always self reflected upon it as mine. It took much practice to begin to distinguish where the energies were coming from. But over time and more evolving consciousness I started to recognize that this distinction was no longer a needed piece of knowledge. It was the recognition of the diminished energy and the ability to uplift that became important. It didn’t matter if it was mine or anyone’s. In fact, that is what I say when confronted by energies that feel out of balance “This energy is not mine nor does it belong to anyone”. Then I simply ask the quantum field, source, to please uplift the energies and enthuse comfort, ease and effortlessness. Or alongside this I may use the ho-oponopono practice. It no longer is necessary to dissect or process negativity. that only feeds it. I find turning my attention to what works is best. Although, I accept the importance of individual’s discussing a negative experience if the approach is truly to uncover the grain of truth for one’s self empowerment and release. But regurgitating negativity in a process scenario or repeating a negative story for storytelling sake I prefer not to be in the presence of.

All said and done I’m for enthusing our new future “NOW”!

Great Love and In Oneness,
Blue Star Deerwomon

Stavanger, Norway

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July 9th, 2014

Stavanger, Norway

We arrived and Gaia greeted us with balmy yet soothing climate. Gratefully, we are greeted with quietude. This is truly my fuel for inner sanctum and why I can write at this moment. Our host, Sonja, has family and home here…beautiful and awesome children. Bravo, Sonja!

We are sitting in a renovated barn with tongue and groove walls and ceiling and a lovely picnic table where we are all connected to the internet. Although we gleefully welcome the fast internet our focus these days is developing our iTech “Inner-Net”.

This morning as Whitney, Darius and I awakened we gathered outdoors on fromt porch. After a wonderful dream sharing session without words or outer guidance we fell into a silent and deep meditation. Afterwards we realized our inner alignment with each other and shared visioning of warmth, sunshine and light. Our day was initiated into synchronicity. Shortly after Sonja arrived with an abundance of groceries and gracious hosting. Our day was ignited and here we are.

The crystal rainbow bridge is now activated here. This bridge started from Eureka Springs, Arkansas across the country with coordinate on the west coast in California. From there it bridged to Big Island, Hawaii, specifically the Artemis Smiles Honey House and Artemis Smiles Bee Sanctuary. There we enthused bridges to Alison Yahna’s (Bee Keeper) sister’s organic farm in New york as well as her Mom’s. Next is Aouchtam, Morocco. Throughout all these particular coordinates there is always the expansive vision and embrace of entire planet and infinite universe. So when I reference that in each landing another crystal rainbow bridge coordinate has been enthused you will know the origins. You are always invited to enthuse with us.

Now, a strand of the crystal rainbow bridge is our present location. We travel knowing our “I Am” consciousness ripples into the ethers and infinite energy source. As we embrace more and more the significance and power of our inner bee-ing we radiate this connectedness everywhere.

Consciousness is the energetic trail for me. Simultaneously, multi-dimensionally, the “I Am” presence, Source, Eternal Essence is my dedicated embrace and spiritual focus. At this time in my life I see no other purpose but this path. I am dedicated to my self growth and remembering knowing we are doing this together.

As an energetic bee-ing I recognize the subtleties and consequences of my each and every action. Bee-ing impeccable in our words, thoughts and deeds is a fine set of values in my practice. As I enthuse my inner self I know it is the greatest gift I can give to my planetary and star family.

The study of energetics has my attention. It is a sensitive sport, so-to-speak. It requires attentive reflexes, self direction and application of movement. Multi-dimensionality is an expansion of my outer sensory system connected and infinitely furthered through my my inner, invisible sensory system. This is where the worlds meet, where the “I Am” is directly infusing this “soul suit” or earthly skin. The interactivity is essential in connectedness to our planetary species as well as our universal family.

I find that the many pointers throughout this lifetime have been helpful in understanding the depth of who I am in this moment. These pointers have been varied and from many different sources of existing materials upon earth. The pointers I speak of are messages such as; we are all one, I Am a divine bee-ing having an earthly experience, everyone is connected, the quantum field enthuses us, etc. The pointers eventually become the “knowings” within each one of us. A “pointer” becomes a “knowing” when you have a resonant heart connection to the message and in those instances you “know” it is truth… for you. And this truth only unfolds and speaks from within. It is only your truth. This requires a deep frequency of trust that only each and every one of us can cultivate and deepen.

With that bee-ing said I share my truths with you. I may or may not “ping” your inner truth..but that is truly not the point. If I do “ping” your inner truth then you are welcome to follow my energetic trail anytime you feel the heart resonant call that way. If I don’t “ping” your inner truth that is just as valuable. There lies the first baby steps of embracing the diversity of our race. We may witness and experience each other and know that there is not a need to bee like anyone. No need to compare or create a value to judge by. However, listening to each other from our deep inner space is heartwarming and a simple step of embracing diversity. No promises to others required. The promise is all-ways to your higher self. Have a blast and go for it!

As I travel I Am sensing the energetic nature of my each and every step. As energies change and re-arrange I take note of how my “soul suit” is allowing and integrating. I remind myself along the way to ask the quantum field, all energy, infinite source, to recalibrate me in each and every moment so my “soul suit” feels comfortable and flows with ease and effortlessness. Throughout my travels I sense and am aware that an infinite variety of portals are offered. In my stilled inner sanctum I listen for the prompts and guidance to use these portals to the highest of my potential. Often this calls for a “pause”, a moment of reflection, contemplation, meditation and intention. through the quieting from within I interpret the cues and allow my bee-ing to move from there. Typically this is when my entire multi-dimensional self is revealed and I can sense the “I Am” presence along with the infinite eternal essence. Now I’m divinely plugged in as the spiritual bee-ing that “I Am” as well as the divine consciousness that is flowing and enthusing through my “soul suit”. This grounds me on the earthly plane and once again reminds me of the task at hand.

I am a divine bee-ing having an earthly experience. I know we are raising our consciousness as a connected species. There is a collective portal always awaiting our “species arrival”. On occasion I venture through this portal but I return knowing this is a group endeavor. What brings me peace is knowing all these aspects are now present in me. Home is clearly within. There is no more allure for answers in the outer world. This has allowed me to bee at peace with what is. This has allowed me to recognize and experience the spaciousness and viewing of our “illusory reality”. I can now sit back with a much deeper compassion, understanding and forgiveness for what has been. I am at the tip of the iceberg if even that close to what I feel is an infinite unfolding journey. My life has taken a celebratory turn. As a result I want to share it with the world. I want everyone on board, together and connected as we truly are. I want to celebrate this grand oneness together. And that is the purpose of this journey. I am traveling, experiencing the energetics, bee-ing inspired and sharing my inspirations and inner truths as I go. I intend that you feel my ripples of upliftment and you are uplifted as a result. I intend unity consciousness occurs wherever we arrive. I intend that crystal rainbow bridges are creating a glistening, heart resonant glow all over this planet. I intend we arrive as a vast species at the portals that invite us and we “jump” together as we love every moment of it!

The compelling direction is all from the worlds within. This is truth for me. This is where my purpose lies. I am grateful for these knowings.

Oslo Norway

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July 7th, 2014

Oslo Norway

We departed from Brussels…the coordinate of the crystal planted, grounding the next link of the crystal rainbow bridge to Norway…extended through a most peaceful quiet train ride to our destination for the next 2 nights.

In the quietude of Victoria’s home I experience lush greenery surrounding the house and my first experience of a light filled sky at mid-night. The light is different here. Yet, again I meet with a shadowiness throughout the sky. 

As I plant my energies beneath my feet Gaia comes zooming through to meet me. She seems to be in a delightful state these days. I readily surrender into her greeting and begin the crystal rainbow bridging. Through the silence and the invisible sounds I call out to the devas, plant and tree spirits. They are strong in presence. I ask them to dance and sing with me while expanding the inner sensations of a grand crystal. Enthuse, Enthuse, Enthuse…may all hearts resonate with the ringing tones and lively colors of the rainbow. 


This journey is connectedness from one experience of vibratory nature to the next. With our inner vision we set afire the dreams of all bee-ings now in motion, flow and growth. The harmonics are within. I resonate with you. I resonate oneness. This seeps into the entire planet and with gentleness and warmth together we feel the embrace. We are the gentle loving people and the path of “I Am” is one we have shared forever.

Brussels Belgium

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Arriving in Belgium , the first stop on this tour, and the invitation to “enthuse” the vibrations was awaiting us. It took some do-ing to relax and find the stillness in the new environment. Brussels was busy and active with “partying” and good cheer. It was everywhere. Although the atmosphere was filled with laughter and joy the denser energies revealed themselves instantaneously. Now the “call” was evident. I sat and embraced the quietude and started to enthuse my own inner bee-ing. It was challenging but soon I found my inner peace and was able to experience my vibrational nature lifting and sourcing me. I expressed my appreciation and gratitude as, once again, I was home. I reached for all my tools and started the process of jetting my light streams in all directions. Gaia was patiently awaiting my awareness and readiness to align with her. I delved within the earth beneath my feet, visualized my light threads connecting with Gaia and then slow and steady used my inner seeing to rise with Gaia’s field of love. Together we rose to the surface and spread our intricate fabric of light in all directions. Then we lifted above the surface embracing everything surrounding us, people, the buildings, trees, plants and went right to the sky and infinite universe. Aaaaah, I began to breathe more freely and my heart resonance rose with the wind as we engaged on the enthusing path within the quantum field, source, eternal essence. Then I envisioned the crystal rainbow bridge beginning with Aouchtam and streaming, arching right here to Belgium. Everything connected and filled with all the amazing energies from home to this home. The crystal that is quietly nesting in Aouchtam held the base of each end of the rainbow and spoke her truth of connectedness.

We are on this journey to enthuse the light that already exists. The high vibrational nature of our group, The One People, is what we bring to each and every moment. This is the call. Our mere presence and aware intention connects the resonant heart dots, coordinates of light. As we travel this awesome blue planet we enthuse every link of bee-ingness and offer the best of our highest potential. We allow source to flow through and uplift any and all that we bring our awareness to. Instantly, this way of see-ing, bee-ing reveals the upsurge of light and harmonisation of  heartful knowing. It becomes tangible.This is who we are. This is what we are do-ing.