Month: October 2011


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Upon awakening I am overwhelmed with a barrage of illusion. Crazily I am tossed this way and that way. Then miraculously a divine energy fills my body and my vision as the light, as an ascended be-ing overtakes me, overtakes this form of transformation.

Now I am seeing and experiencing unencumbered. What I see is clear and calming. I am grate-full.

To view the world of illusion is to witness and experience a very expired and tired humonity of pain and suffering. It is readily observable how much despair and hopelessness has emerged as a result of interference and misunderstanding among the galactic existences and cosmic energies. Diplomacy and dialogue is absolutely necessary to regain the integrity needed for this light mission with Sophia Gaia to proceed.

Many forces do exist yet an accepted foundation of mutual respect, understanding, friendly relations and no interference is of the utmost need.

The “dark” energies as they have been labeled are equally deserving of what the “light” energies are requesting. This is a critical point of our new beginnings. We have infinity to explore and not all energies have been introduced nor understood. This is our ongoing task of cosmic evolution.

Thus a “dark” energy entered our earthly sphere and did indeed result in an interference with the beautiful dream and vision of Sophia Gaia. She and all humonity has been trying to correct this ever since.

There is no wrong here. However, there is a need to tidy up the boundaries and integrity of each energetic entity. There is a place for all where all is served and full-filled within their own right of sovereignty.

The earth is inhabited by many, many galactic and cosmic existences. The earth lent itself to exploration of such immense diversity. All these energies need intervention and mutual acceptance of divine laws that serve the best potential of each participant.

At this time I am here to focus upon the path of Sophia Gaia. It is of utmost importance that her dream of such beauty and grace be full-filled. As a result all will feel the reverberations of her divine unfolding mission. This requires a unique evolution with divine aspects in perfect alignment with her and our motion.

Thus, the world of illusion is now seen as it truly is and the world of divinity is growing in its presence as well. We are now in the experience of witnessing 2 worlds simultaneously.


The veils are lifting, the sleepiness is dissolving and all the light-workers that descended upon earth to assist are remembering who they are, divine children of god, ascended masters, angels and galactic citizens of a common cause.


These be-ings have worked very deeply to be the light that they are and assist in this divine mission.


Many will choose to stay asleep and their choice is no less or more important than those of the light and ascended evolution. We remain in oneness no matter what choice or where our consciousness exists.


In the meantime, light be-ings inhabiting the humon form have experienced all facets of illusion, pain and suffering so as to be enlightened about what it is that needs to change and how to achieve this change.


This does not alleviate a light be-ing from the struggles and quandary of remembering who they are and what has to be accomplished. Many of these light be-ings suffer much loneliness and angst while gaining balance within the 2 worlds.

Sometimes we are thrown from this world to the next world and back without much to hang on to as everything is anchored from within.


The world of illusion is potent in its grip on the minds of the people and the minds of the light workers. It is a constant inner focus and realignment to sustain knowing who we are and enhancing the self empowerment to remain strong in the face of the illusion.


Recognizing the illusion in each and every moment and self nurturing the aloneness that comes as a result of that seeing is and has been quite a painstaking journey. The false reality that we have known for eons is fierce when not anchored from within. Many have tried to walk both worlds at the same time but again that is as much an illusion as living in the false world completely. There is no mid ground.

There is a middle path but it is founded in the divine reality of ascension while viewing and existing alongside the false reality. Nothing of the false reality exists in the ascended reality. That is a religious myth and dogmatic untruth.


Thinking with and through the heart is the only path of these new times. The mind is not a divine director. The heart directs the mind and facilitates all of the bodies and choices to be made of their usage. It is no longer a thought process. We cannot think our way to ascension. We can think our way in pointing the mind but ultimately the mind has to drop away as the heart speaks and leads.


All of this requires a tremendous and deep frequency of trust. The linear reality and its false visions of hope and creation is done through a driving force and untruthful assertion of will. The path of the ascended heart is aligned with the divine will of source, prime creator, god. Through this divine alignment the ascended earth is made visible and unfolds in grace and ease. Everything must be let go of and this is the key to the portals of higher dimensions.


Become familiar with the understandings and vocabulary of vibration, higher self, energy, light, frequency and multi-dimensional realities. Trust your inner voice. Make quiet time in your life and listen to what you hear from within.