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“The Soul Speaks: A Healing Manifesto” by Pam Kennedy

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“The attached article is a work-in-progress. In other words, within a very short time after it was written, it needed additional editing. The interpretations I made needed additional refinements which I apparently was not ready to make. I realized early into writing this paper on the soul’s involvement in healing that I wanted to give the result to members of my family as a Christmas present. It has sat on the shelf waiting for another round of edits. However, the interaction with the soul seems to encourage constant change.”

The Soul Speaks:  A Healing Manifesto

Pamela Kennedy
December 15, 2014
Nashua, NH Kennedy


What is a manifesto?

A manifesto is defined as a declaration of one’s beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions.  It often is political or artistic in nature, but may present an individual’s life stance. A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. Some notable past written manifestos are: The United States Declaration of Independence (1776); Mein Kampf (My Struggle) (1925), by Adolf Hitler; Anne Rand’s The Romantic Manifesto (1969); The Revolution: A Manifesto (2009) by Ron Paul.

If you are interested in healing your body-mind system, the healing process must include an awareness of the most-often neglected aspect of your body and mind relationship.  The missing element in your healing process may be the recognition of the soul. This paper will attempt to promote the importance of conscious inclusion of the soul in all healing practices that might produce change. This is not a new idea. However, from my research and experience, I will attempt to bring as much light to this conversation as I can by starting with these questions:

∞Is the purpose of the soul to create an environment where the recognition of illness and healing one and the same whether physical, mental or spiritual?

∞Could it be true that the concept or understanding of “illness” and “disease” is not what we have believed it to be?

∞Through the soul’s design is it possible to develop a partnership, a relationship between the soul and the physical body that awakens the consciousness of the body-mind system to its true power and purpose?

∞With the assistance of researchers, teachers, mentors and guides who have done the real work of discovery, will a picture emerge to show how the soul is the universal doorway to a state of radical healing?

What are my intentions in writing this manifesto? The issues most important to me at this time are coming forth with an urgency I cannot deny. Expression, learning how to express my soul’s voice, is and has been a major characteristic behind my life’s purpose. Healing is another important and vast topic for me and seems to be driven by an emerging inner voice of a medicine woman or shaman. In addition, the nature of healing is changing along with the idea of dis-ease and my curiosity is heightened by the quantum nature of healing. The thread that connects expression and healing for me is the soul. I cannot ignore the soul and its tacit influence on expression, healing and poor health in most of its forms, if not all.

Personally, I have had some experience with less than optimum health– one of which was a diagnosis of a serious form of skin cancer.  And that being said, this paper is not meant to focus on my health history except to say that I can reflect on the past and gather new perspectives on the times I have been out of resonance with my body, mind and soul.  My experiences of illness cannot compare to those of many, many people in the world. I simply offer my understanding gained from looking deeply into those times when my physical health has been out of resonance with the song of my soul.

Once again, the comments I’ve included in this manifesto are my own interpretation of my experience, research I’ve done, and my imagination and intuition. My soul has been involved in this paper and is pushing me to do the best I can to be clear and truthful, to stay connected to my heart, and not to be so radical that fear is created unnecessarily. The questions are mine and I sought to find answers among research articles and books that asked similar questions. I connected to authors and scientists I’ve respected for many years, found new contacts and ancient messengers. Often I’ve included word for word the research I feel is important not wanting para-phrase. I want this paper to stimulate any reader to do the research for themselves. Fundamentally we all have a soul yet we vary in term of needs, questions and purpose. Some may want to go to the sources I have used; I have provided the web addresses for that reason.

May this conversation lead me and all who read it to a path of waking up to the mysterious adventure of life, love and wholeness; may you too be inspired as I am. I dare to be bold, gutsy, and truthful with as much eloquence as I can with absolute appreciation for my soul as she speaks to me in her quiet yet emphatic  voice.


The Soul Speaks: A Healing Manifesto

I’d like to start with a phrase that is used often to describe how to create a new thinking process or bring awareness to an existing process:  Energy goes where attention flows.

What this means is that when you focus repetitively, when you put your attention consistently on a thought or belief you eventually get what you’ve instructed your mind to deliver. This is a very general explanation and often complicated by the very nature of both the conscious and unconscious minds having a specific part in this process of manifesting. I can direct you to research that will help explain in more detail the manifestation process sometimes referred to as the “law of attraction.” For now, let’s keep it simple.

Being aware that energy moves in the direction of your attention is very important in the healing process! The meaning of “aware” is “conscious.” You consciously direct your thoughts. You as director of your thoughts, co-create your reality. You are always creating. But rather than go in the direction of amazement, guilt, or any other perspective that could cloud up this simple idea, accept responsibility for what you have created up  to this point, and from not fully understanding your power to create.

In every moment that you place your awareness on your breath you promote the well being of the solid physical and non-physical aspects of your body, your mind and your soul.

The result of you placing your attention in the present moment brings about  a feeling of being alive and at one with the total you. The outcome is very real. When you are at one with all the aspects of your self, you bring yourself into a new and healthier environment.

In addition when you place your attention on any area of your body: an ache, a pain, a wound, a feeling of stress of any kind you create a signal that is like tuning an instrument: you change your vibration and begin to restore balance to the area. When you add the power of your breath, you increase the body’s movement toward increased balance.

You can actually begin the healing process with these very simple steps. Using the breath is frequently over-looked in healing but it is the single most important element in not only healing but in expanding the intelligence of your brain.

In other words, through the above practices you create an environment of well-being that influences your health at all levels your body, mind and spirit.

The words that come close to describing this process are “coherence” and “resonance.”  What this means is that there is a consistent vibration or tone that defines a healthy environment for body, mind and soul. On all the important levels you move into alignment. If you took your car to the garage to have your tires aligned you’d feel safe enough to take a long trip. Much the same as being in full alignment within your body, mind and soul, you’d feel confident that you are ready to face life’s challenges from a united perspective.

The practice of placing your attention within your body, within your mind, in the present moment of time brings with it an opportunity to view life from the perspective of truth. 


∞Everything you know or more precisely everything you have been told, taught, believe about healing your body/mind must be turned on its head….upside down.

If you firmly believe that your doctor will “cure” you of your ailments, you may find some information in this paper that is hard for you to absorb. Just remember to breath, and continue reading.

In addition, any healing must include the little known aspect of yourself called your soul.

When your soul “gets sick” your body is the first to know; your body comes to immediate attention when “sickness” knocks on your door.

The next statement will turn your mind upside down: We are so completely captivated by the material expression of imposed and distorted values and beliefs that we live in a false existence that has an end result of crippling our soul. The evidence of course is found everywhere we look. While it does not take a psychologist, an environmentalist, an educator, a politician, a doctor, to know that we are in a dark night of the world’s soul it is obvious and no secret that there are nearly always wars going on in every corner of world. These wars tend to be in locations on the planet where oil, gold, and other precious minerals are found. Does that speak to you of greed, self-interest and desire by some to control all the earths’ resources, as well as the Earth’s people?

Our values and beliefs may be fed to us from the time we arrive in the crib by sources whose process of programming us have become so deeply ingrained that we believe we have created them ourselves.  The system of programming is highly intellectualized and executed in accordance with a plan that has been unfolding for centuries.  If we could take a stand for our own innate values, life would be very different. “Equality” is our right, and when unencumbered by fear we vibrate the energy of “equality” in coherence with our heart the source of creation within us.  If you are interested in doing due-diligence research on the so-called leaders in our economy, one place to start is to watch a video called “Thrive.” While it is not the whole picture, it will provide information which can take you to into the reality in which we live.

We live in a distortion of the truth, in a windowless box of limitations and lies.

We have questions to ponder: How does our soul become sick? What is the prescription we must use to untangle the distortion and half-truths? Will taking responsibility for our problems start us on a path toward health and clarity?

Our senses and creative skills must be brought to the questions— eyes, ears, intuition, language, critical thinking; we must be willing to explore what we DO that distorts our innate values, beliefs and perceptions. We are at war within ourselves.  What is it going to take for us to choose to live from a sense of wellness and is wellness related to integrity, forgiveness and compassion?

So what do we do, how do we behave? We need to be willing to look deeply into ourselves.  WE deceive, betray, wound, cheat, create havoc, neurosis, and pain of all sorts…to ourselves and others.  We trash where we live–our living quarters and the Earth. WE behave like untrained little puppies and we grow up as untrained puppies.

No one has taken enough interest in us to help us  grow up. But our sickness is related to a rampant self-interest that knows no boundaries.  The true “impending pandemic” is our self-interest. It is a disease of our culture and our time….looking there you have something real and relevant to work with.

The human race is incredible and beautiful and loving…. naturally. When we are presented with opportunities to help others we rise to the occasion with all the caring we can muster. But many of us are unaware of the contract we energetically agreed to before we came here; we must begin to acknowledge that we have forgotten our reason for being here. For the most part we have been seduced by the bright lights and tinsel.  We have found ourselves bound up in ego and ego delights while the shadow parts of ourselves are longing for attention. And when attention is overdue, the body responds to the soul’s malady by putting on the brakes and stopping everything . We are being asked to bring our  darkness into perspective and to notice the light is so much more clear and bright when the dark is part of the picture. It is what it is. Acceptance not avoidance is another aspect to healing the body, mind and soul.

∞You must start NOW with a beginner’s mind

A beginner’s mind is as clear and innocent as a child’s mind. In D.T Sazuki’s book, Zen Mind Beginners Mind, we explore many aspects of attention. Most of us adopt a practice of labeling everyone and everything; we resist or reject new ideas; our opinions seem like treasured bible verses to us; past experiences are held onto whether positive or negative, and the present moment never arrives. What creates walls and barriers to seeing things, people, and events through a clear and open mind? All those thoughts and actions that you did and are not proud of and the behaviors you did not do that you believe you should have done are lurking within. Avoidance does not make them go away. 

A clear mind is essential to heal yourself especially when what you desire is optimal health. How you get to the clear mind is by telling the truth to someone, most likely a master in the art of listening, who will not judge you. You may very well shift from guilt and regret to a wide open space within your psyche.

∞You must make YOU the most important aspect of your healing…

…vowing not to make choices from the emotion of fear, or a desire to please any other person, family member or medical practitioner.

You can choose to include aspects of the traditional medical system in your exploration of a healthy regimen or healing protocol.  However attached you are to the established medical system, you owe it to yourself to begin to look deeply with your questions and sensitivity  to the many  unconventional technologies of healing that more efficiently match the  needs of a multi-dimensional body.

Please make no assumptions that the medical system is offering you the best choices. They may not be offering you enough to fill the needs of your particular healing dilemma. There are many perspectives to health in addition to your own personal intention, research and desire to discover the many new approaches that resonate with the multi-dimensional needs of your body-mind-spirit organism. Here are some observations from a medical doctor Lorraine Day, M.D.:

“Because it took years for us to get ourselves sick, it takes time to reverse the damage we have done. Fortunately, it doesn’t take as long to get well as it took us to make ourselves sick, but it does take time to reverse the damage we have caused in our body.

And in order to Get Well, we must be willing to spend the time necessary to learn how we made ourselves sick, and what changes we need to make to get well. The Health Plan is relatively simple – but it is not easy – because one must change almost everything about his or her life. One must have the determination, commitment, tenacity, and self control to do what needs to be done in order to Get Well.

And no one can do that for you. You must do it for yourself. You are the only one who can change your habits. You are the only one who can rebuild your immune system.

You are the one who made yourself sick – so you are the only one who can make yourself well. And that is the Good News. You CAN do it.”

Does the soul become sick from all our attempts to deceive ourselves into believing things that do not correspond with the observable facts?

Do we know that as we deceive ourselves we deprive our world from getting the necessary turn-around into health and abundance? In other words, if we choose not to see what we do and how we be, we unconsciously handicap the world. You see, if we are not fulfilling our dreams of health, of living a vibrant honest life, the entire world suffers. 

No guilt intended. When you begin to realize how delicately we are all connected, your respect for this quantum fact will seep into your soul and your heart and you will embrace your place in the world’s future.

Our soul lives through our experiences with us. Although the soul may not be criticizing us, or acting like a protective parent, its voice is expressed clearly in our

suffering, our ailments, our guilt and addictions. If you want to have a relationship with your soul, which I believe is one of the most important relationships you can have, sit down and take an inventory of all those things that you are rejecting about yourself.

Notice what just happened inside you. Where did you go? Did you just jump up to get a cup of coffee or check your emails? Go back to the last paragraph above. Yes, that one about all the ways you reject yourself.

Until you look at yourself nothing in your world will come into alignment and you’ll continue to misrepresent yourself, or simply said, continue to live a lie.

We all want a better life, I know I do. I use the word “better” in a little mind game I play. If I put energy into a word and repeat it often, I may actually see “better” outcomes, better ideas, and better health. Doesn’t everyone get up and say, “I hope I have a better day today than yesterday.” Until we actually do something, the chance of anything getting better is quite slim.

I imagine that the soul absorbs the vibrations from everything we do much like any loyal member of the soccer team wants to help win the game. The soul is on our side and wants the very best for us….! Even if “the very best” refers to a grand awakening that may set our soul on fire or wipe the delusion from our eyes in the process.

Truth resonates within you and with exercise your decisions can include this skill.  You are your personal laboratory…..and your job is to discover your own healing abilities.

∞“Know thyself.”

What this means is that you must begin to observe what is important to you, what you resonate with and what you doubt. When you hear yourself say “yes” or “no” to whatever question or situation is being presented to you, listen with respect. Ask yourself this: “Where is this response coming from?”  Is it from my emotions? Fear or love?  My thoughts? Negative or positive? The same respect is applied to either response. Our minds function within the boundaries of polarity and paradox; most everything that comes from the mind is conditioned by the very real force of opposites:

Light and dark, good and evil, known and unknown, this or that. As you recognize the swing of your mind, and notice that your mind has the tendency to go back and forth, look to your heart’s response.   You will learn that the mind cannot feel wholeness. It cannot feel at all! For the mind to be helpful it must be surrounded in stillness. Meditation is supportive and will make you more honest and real. Sitting quietly after waiting for the mind to ease up on its persistent wavering, you get a chance to notice the division that thinking creates. Thinking creates a false picture of what is really going on. Suddenly, you may like yourself more….and others.

“In the practice of meditation we seek to free ourselves from this mental “chatter” in which our “thinking mind” engages, and (we must) instead seek connection to a deeper level of our being. We free ourselves from the surface level of the mind, and by doing so, we make it easier for ourselves to come into connection with a deeper spiritual reality. Meditation is a process by which we seek to re-condition our conscious awareness, so that we release our attachment to the surface level of reality and instead allow the awareness to gravitate towards a state of pure awareness, pure consciousness. As we meditate in the proper manner, the experience of  pure awareness itself moves more to the forefront, instead of a primary identification with the highly active surface level of the mind.”

According to J. Krishnamurti, “A mind that is not divided into opposites, that is able to perceive directly, cannot be the result of training. …Mind consciously or unconsciously plays a trick on itself by dividing itself….Through the conflict of opposites mind becomes conditioned.” “This process prevents pliability.”

What the teacher Krishnamurti suggests is to become aware of the conflict of opposites taking place in our mind without identifying with the conflict.

It is very important to listen, feel, observe and contemplate. Sitting in quiet is good.  If you cannot get a clear answer, best not to make a choice. I know people who always “sleep” on their questions, me included!  When I go to sleep I write my question in my journal clearly and ask for help during my sleep. Sometimes, I listen for what comes to me while I’m doing dishes, when I’m not thinking so much . The quiet heart has a chance to give a voice to whatever issue is on the table. I encourage listening for that quiet voice.

If it is true that our lives are the result of all the choices we have made, wouldn’t you want to make a choice that is in the highest good for you and all those connected to you?  You hold your future in your own hands with every fork in the road.  Are you planting the seeds your heart desires for a future you fully deserve?

If this is not one of your guiding principles or mantras in life, perhaps you’d like to consider it:

Stop.  Breathe.

Make every choice with care and concern.

No choice is too small not to be significant.

Honor yourself.

This is where we begin to develop the life skill of visualizing our future. I’ve heard that it is very difficult for a human to visualize a distant future. We often preoccupy ourselves with trying to figure out the near future or control it in some way. When done as a sincere practice visualizing your future may attract your future self into your intuitive field and support you through its vision and point of view as you ponder your best path.

“Take your practiced powers and stretch them out
until they span the chasm between two contradictions…

For the god wants to know himself in you. “

Rainer Maria Rilke, Poet                 

The god in you wants you to know who you are!

Does our disease come from our unconsciousness? And if so, no need to begin finger-pointing at ourselves—we are not bad people even though it looks like we hurt ourselves, our soul, our loved ones, communities, country and world.

The result of a consciousness in crisis is a state of diminished health.

With a complacent, distracted or anguished mind we create all sorts of drama, tragedy, danger and difficulty for ourselves and the world.  Yes, the world suffers as we suffer. Having a bad day? Take a quick poll; ask the folks you know and love, what kind of a day are they having. You’ll soon find you’re not alone. Would it be amazing to know that you’re feeling in the dumps because all the people around you are giving off negative vibrations!

We are all connected. It’s all about vibrations: negative vibes or positive vibes. Realizing the extent to which we are connected to everyone else brings a shift in our consciousness and an increase in responsibility to take care of our self. It’s both a blessing and a burden. This is where the Golden Rule comes in.

“The Golden Rule” or the ethic of reciprocity is a code for conduct or a “goodness principle” that essentially states the following:

You should treat others as you would like others to treat you (directive form).


One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated. (cautionary form).

What if this universal “saying” is a vibration deeply imbedded within us that when we choose behaviors that are not in alignment with this “saying” we energetically set off an event within our entire body-mind-soul connection that does not go un-noticed, that has profound repercussions in our wellbeing. When we choose to hurt others or choose not to understand or forgive another, we are hurt by our own choices. Why? Because there is no one “out there” but ourselves. We are all parts of the same essential being-ness called god, All That Is or any name you give to the creative potential in everything.

What have our religions taught us about the soul? Was the soul exalted as a part of the invisible world like spirit or is it a metaphor for a portion of “me” that I cannot define or find. Did talk of the soul only show up as part of a weekly discussion from either priest or minister? How are we to relate to “the soul?”

My interest in the soul has been stirred by cancer’s wake-up call, the death of my mother, and later my father, a series of mystical experiences I had with “death” and “near death,” and some powerful workshops which seemed to create a crevice between obsolete perceptions that I was holding on to and a new reality waiting to take its place.  I had to make room for new perceptions and became aware that I need to be willing to make sacrifices while on my journey toward clarity.

The hidden hope that lies beneath the soul’s journey of trials and tribulation is that we may begin to recognize the entry of the soul and its symbols into our intuitive field and in our daily life.

Do we eventually acknowledge in the course of the discomfort of illness what was intended from the start? What  is intended is that we break through our fog into an actual living relationship with the soul that was always available?

Does our consciousness become more refined and come into resonance with our soul’s yearning to assist us in the problems we are asked to unravel in our life?

It seems that we have more questions than when we started! Perhaps the questions themselves are part of the response from our soul.

∞You are a Healer!

Why? Because you are being asked by your broader self, your soul, your higher mind to accept and become accountable for what appears to be a healing challenge but is in fact an attempt designed for you to know yourself in exacting detail. You are being asked to go where you do not normally go….into the unknown realm to make discoveries about yourself that will forge you into a totally new being.

Knowing yourself as a “healer’ is not meant to give your ego an exaggerated boost.  We all have seen examples of people who do just that: they seem to believe that they are a healer when, in fact, they are facilitators, catalysts, teachers who model healing techniques and technologies–whether physical or metaphysical– for others to heal themselves. You need to want to be healed. In truth, we are all healers.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

LaoTzu, Tao Te Ching

I feel the need to place a small warning in this space. Our health care system does not normally speak in terms of a “cure.” What the traditional system considers a “cure,” is to surgically remove the problem or prescribe drugs that suppress the awful symptoms. You, however, may find a “cure” through your own research and applied protocols that fit your healing needs perfectly. You may not get the cure you thought you might, and indeed it may be a totally unexpected “cure.” The “cure” may appear at first like a failure according to previous definitions.   Your cure could be that you are asked to let go of whatever stands between you and living your purpose.

Do you know that the word “cure” has a profound meaning?  “In Middle English and French cure means “care of souls.” In Latin the noun cura had the general sense of “the care, concern, or attention given to something or someone.” Often it referred to “medical care or healing.” The Roman Christians, however, used the word chiefly in regard to “the care of souls,” since that was one of their main concerns. “

For me, “discovery” may be the best possible outcome when the soul is involved in the healing process. Discovery is a creative state of consciousness where we make contact with a “flow,” a heightened experience that comes about from within your energy field between you and your awakening consciousness. The consciousness is more awakened by an experience of “flow.”

How we get to the “flow” or heightened experience is very difficult to describe as each experience will be different for everyone. According to studies done by Abraham Maslow, Toward a Psychology of Being and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, as we learn to focus our attention, master our consciousness, and follow thru on our goals in a disciplined manner we most likely will experience not only the goals we pursue, but more importantly, moments of a finely tuned and effervescent emotional state that lifts us into a quality of being that is beyond words.   This state will provide you with rich nourishment that will feed your psyche. Ken Wilber spoke about this place within by acknowledging it as the space that is always here; Rumi says there is nowhere to go but within to what is.

If I can get there, you can easily do it! The conditions of incoming energies to the field of the planet are affecting every living human, animal, plant, and other forms of life. We are being upgraded as I speak. What took me twenty years to experience– a conscious union between my mind and body that was orchestrated by my soul–will take you 1/20th of the time! What was once called a “spiritual” pursuit is no longer. It is now known as a shift to a scientific quantum practice, an energetic activism toward a whole and authentic “sovereign” being. Quantum science and spiritual practices are now being recognized as one and the same.

Let’s consider for a moment a possible timeline of human evolution: Perhaps, 300 years ago we were human being 1.0; one hundred years ago we were human being 1.5; twenty-five years ago we were human being 2.0; seven years ago we were human being 2.5. We are now becoming human sovereign 3.0.

∞It may be true that all dis-ease points to a cause within your energy field and life force…

….a stress, a loss of attention, a loss of connection, a mis-use of your energy, a decision based upon dis-information, a giving up, an angry judgment of self or other….something you’ve held onto for far too long that may be perceived as a “hurt.” When we have neglected to re-examine our life’s experiences that cause stress or pain, the energy stays in the body-mind field and becomes stagnant. A distortion, a warp takes place and is linked to accumulation of stress. The loss of attention and connection to the subtleties within come from our choice to hide our feelings from ourselves.

We either have not sufficiently developed our consciousness as the bridge between the higher mind and the body-brain system. Possibly, we have switched it off due to overwhelming circumstances in our lives. There is no blame to be given; we all do it to varying degrees. But as we “grow” with each experience we are given opportunities to stretch or broaden our wisdom base with new skills—one skill is to strengthen our courage to reflect on how we respond and relate to our life challenges, our irritabilities, and pain.  What I mean is that we need to take full accountability for our part in all our problems, and for all the residual emotions where we blame, judge, disrespect, lie, cheat, damage, hurt ourselves or others and cover over these negative events with justification and anger.

Can you feel how our emotions can and do reside within our energy system like chunks of undigested food in our stomach?  It actually holds us back from allowing healthy and creative experiences into our field of awareness. The dark lumps of unexamined emotions that sit in our energy field year after year become blocks to our growth and perhaps bring about dis-ease.

Energy is medicine! We are energy! This is not a new idea: raising the vibration of your energy can heal your body.

There is a resurgence of spiritual or energy healing techniques and teachers right now. This is strongly related to the fact that quantum physics has proven what our ancestors of ancient times have known: a unified field of energy makes up everything—you, your thoughts, objects, emotions, even the space between objects, sound and light. So you see, the energy of thoughts naturally influences the energy of your body. Listen to these scientists who have done the research: Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, Nassim Haramein, and Amit Daswani to name just a few.

From experience I can vouch for using energy “medicine” in many of its forms, from yoga to filling my hands with energy and using them to sooth or clear my energy field. When I have an ache in my lower back, I’ve learned that focusing my mind to raise the energy level in my hands and running energy into my field is a great help in easing the pain.

An article written by Jule Klotter offers a scientific perspective in            “Nourishing the Energy Body:” 

”At the core of all matter lies energy, and the human body is no different. The energy body is a template for the physical body. Emotional energy resonates with life experiences, personal and professional relationships, and belief systems and becomes literally encoded in cell tissue. According to neurobiologist Candace Pert, emotionally-charged thoughts and experiences cause the body to manufacture different neuropeptides, chemicals triggered by emotions. Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath (Boulder, Colorado) found that heartful emotions (even emotions associated with memories) raise DHEA and IgA levels while negative emotions lower both. However we use our life energy, whether we use it to promote bitterness and fear or joy and love, manifests in our biology. Prolonged dissonance or weakness in the field leads to physical symptoms and, sometimes, to illness. Cure, without remission, depends upon relieving the disturbed energetics that underlie the physical condition. How does one address energetic factors that cannot be weighed, viewed under a microscope, or predicted? In this article, I hope to provide some guidelines or, at least, to stimulate an expanded view of health.”

The Institute of Heart Math has been pioneering studies of the strength of the energy field that surrounds the heart, the true center of the body’s emotional feedback system. The brain was once considered the center from which information was delivered to the body’s response systems.

It has now been proven that our heart sends signals to the brain and other organs from the emotions. The body will respond accordingly. Fear and stress will trigger a lower immune system, inhibit creativity and limit perception.  On the other hand, love is expansive, creative, and sends positive perceptions to the brain. Decisions are chosen from an open mind.

According to an article recently found in The Mind Unleashed an e-magazine read by over six million people,  Michael Forrester writes in ”7 Ways to Trigger the Heart Field—The Most Powerful Healing Force,” how you connect emotionally to your overall wellness and wellbeing is more important than any supplement, food, exercise or health treatment.”

The article above also presents an embedded short video sponsored by the Heart Math Institute that explains beautifully the heart’s role and its many emotional, physical and energetic attributes. I hope you will take a few minutes and connect to it from your computer.

∞Studies have been made that link your immune system’s function to the state of your consciousness.

So far we’ve put the possibility on the table that our unconscious mind influences our immune system.  Our immune system is strengthened through a relationship of the highest kind with your Self, Soul, God-Self, Inner Essence and can be compromised when we lose our sacred connection. When compromised, a hole in the fabric of the connection with higher self, higher consciousness, a virus, a weakness or an accident may come in thru the body’s defenses. The immune system is the positive guardian at the gate, but through our behaviors and beliefs bits of negativity can come in to take our health in another direction.

So what are the practices that can keep us connected to the subtle life within and around us that is lost in the striving for security and survival of everyday living?

According to Ekhert Tolle in his book, The Power of Now, when we practice inhabiting the body fully with our consciousness we change. He suggests two practices that are similar to get us familiar with getting into the body.

  1. Conscious Breathing: follow the breath with your attention as it moves in and out of your body. Breathe into the body, and feel your abdomen expanding and contracting slightly with each inhalation and exhalation. Feel the breath filling up your body. Gradually focus more on the feeling of being in your body.

As you bring more consciousness–more attention– into your body you strengthen your immune system. Your cells wake up….and get very excited by the focus that you are placing on them! Remember you are a living being! Your psychic immune system is strengthened as well. This helps to protect you from negative energy fields of others, and helps to raise your vibration so that lower vibrations cannot harm you.

Ekhert Tolle also recommends the next practice for all moments when you feel the first symptoms of illness or with some that you already have: 

  1. Create a quiet space for yourself and intensely focus your breath and attention, your consciousness, on your body parts. Arms, legs, back, hands, face etc. Fill your whole body with consciousness, feel energy filling all your parts. Stay with it intensely for 15 – 20 seconds on each part.

More practices from “Nourishing the Energy Body” by Jule Klotter:

    Many natural health techniques benefit the energy body as well as the physical one. Whole foods are rich with electromagnetic energy. Exercise, deep breathing, Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga, gardening, walking barefoot on earth, and prayer and meditation strengthen the energy field. Acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences, deep muscle massage like Rolfing, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, sound therapy, and other forms of energy medicine strive to address imbalances and blocks at the energy level of the body. These energy therapies can nudge an incoherent field into normalcy. Love, compassion, forgiveness are also powerful healing forces. Many doctors are aware that spiritual, mental, and emotional factors play a major role in illness and health; but, their training has emphasized the physical, and they often feel at a loss as to how to address the spirit.

These practices are examples for how you can bring your attention to your body-mind from moment to moment and any time you need to counter-act negativity of any kind in your field —your own anger, fear or emotions of others. This is also why it is important to meditate in order to train yourself to notice at all levels of your being what is going on. When you apply your full attention to the collection of energies always traveling through you, you empower your self-healing skills.

∞We must take NO LESS THAN 100% responsibility for everything that happens to us!

The implications of this statement are staggering to the mind. However we must own the truth that we as co- creators of our universe, our world, we participate in creating everything we see, feel, think from our individual process. We are gods. We each have the same elements of creation within us that our Creator is. 

We must become adults, no longer children, and grow into our responsibilities as co-creators with the Source. This truth is very nicely explored in the WingMakers information located at

The growing up process starts in full when we decide to make amends to everyone we think we may have hurt or those we believe have hurts us. Start with this mini practice: find a memory of a time when you hurt someone you love. Simply state the following words, alone with yourself: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” Repeat these words many times, doing the best you can to fill the words with honest feelings until you experience a true release of the energy of hurting or being hurt.  Notice how you may shift or change your perspective. Apply this ancient practice to all your negative regrets.

The origins of the ho’oponopono mantra of healing:

“Among the islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific, people believe that illness usually is caused by sexual misconduct or anger. “If you are angry for two or three days, sickness will come,” said one local man.[2] The therapy that counters this sickness is confession. The patient, or a family member, may confess. If no one confesses an error, the patient may die. The Vanuatu people believe that secrecy is what gives power to the illness. When the error is confessed, it no longer has power over the person. ” Wikipedia  ho’oponopono mantra

More words from Jule Kottner re: Anatomy of the Spirit, by Carollyn Myss:

“Medical self-diagnosis involves becoming familiar with a skill we already have. Medical intuition interprets how electromagnetic information contained in the energy field that surrounds the body is affecting a person’s physical reality, including health. To check one’s own energy field, Myss suggests focusing on each chakra with the question “Am I losing energy here?” If the answer is affirmative, the next question is “Why am I losing power?” Grab any image, thought, or impression that occurs. The trick is to examine these responses, rather than disregard them out of fear or because they don’t fit a preconceived notion. Myss advises her students to regard themselves as information transmitting and receiving stations, reminding them that when it comes to energy, there are no secrets.” 

She further states:  “When we can see a hurtful act as part of life, as a message or challenge instead of a personal betrayal, vital energy flows back into the physical body’s energy circuits.”

We are amazing quantum beings and I’d like to state affirmatively that the radical state of healing ourselves through the quantum relationship we have with ourselves, our soul, our higher self cannot be denied any longer. There are no barriers except for the ones we believe and if it takes an illness to open our eyes and hearts, especially our hearts which seem to be the quantum portal existing within our bodies, then I honor the journey into illness and discomfort to have discovered an inner capacity to dance in the energy of my sacred and quantum self.

∞Where do we start?

Start by acknowledging that you are ready to begin a trek up a mountain of learning to know who and what you ARE. We go beyond trying to improve ourselves to becoming an aware and expanded multi-dimensional consciousness residing within a physical body.

You may need a journal, a personal computer with internet connection, a printer, a camera, a small hand-held tape recorder with an MP3 download feature, local library, a resilient heart and loved ones with whom you can travel into the new realm of quantum healing.

∞The Healing Manifesto Consciousness Practices

The following disciplines, readings, classes, teachers, books and other supportive protocols are some of those that I have used over the years. This is a short list as the full list is too long to write out at this moment in time.

This is a simple list that includes practices for the body, mind, soul.

Remember all disciplines are but a sign post that leads you beyond the known self into freedom, or sorts. In other words when you are searching for energy masters online and find a teacher that really resonates with you, rest there for a while, learn what you can, allow it to penetrate. Then move on.

Find what pleases you. This list is a guide into many healing modes but these are just the tip of an iceberg. Become familiar with as many as you dare. Just be careful not to get attached to any of them as the final word in your healing protocol.

Healing is a process and take my word that by the time you get into the true art of healing and discover how powerful you are, you’ll be able to write your own book.  Please call for more details on the practices below.

  1. Yoga, Tai Chi:  take either or both. At  the very least take Yoga classes for 1 year
  2. Reiki Sessions: consider taking a Level 1 Reiki Master Training Class
  3. Meditation Classes: Buddhist classes are my preference.
  4. Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda (the only book Steve Jobs carried on his iPad)
  5. Energy Mastery Training: Michael Monk On-line training @ Avatar Energy Mastery Institute (minimum of 6 disciplined months)
  6. Do artwork that you enjoy. Explore what feels good and allow yourself to focus deeply on your creations.
  7. Dance: Take a Yoga Dance class or a Belly Dance class. 
  8. Be curious about music; there are some excellent sources of yoga trance dance music, meditation, binaural, theta tones.  Play all your favorite and new music that stirs your soul. As you deepen some music will drop off your list while new music comes into your life. Share your music with your family and dance with your family often.
  9. Journal daily. Everything is significant!
  10. Begin exploring your dreams. Keep track in a Dream Journal. Research books on the topic of lucid dreaming.
  11. You can get an amazing education on you tube. Meditation, mantras, energy work, astrology, chakras, tai chi, chi gong, yoga, authors, scientists. You can call me for recommendations, if you like.
  12. Listen to the current works of quantum scientists, if you don’t understand what   they are talking about, listen once and come back to it in a few months or weeks. I’ll be happy to provide a few names for you.
  13. Find teachers of the ancient arts of healing and meditation.
  14. Study the true history of the human race
  15. Expose yourself to energy healers of all kinds
  16. Clear out negative energy by introducing positive energy; that means raising your vibration in order to attract correspondingly high-vibrating energy.

15. Turn off the TV! This should be #1. You are not going to need to “kill time.”

TV and mainstream media are one of the biggest sources of negative   

energy in your life. You are a purpose-focused individual who wants to

consciously raise your energy to positive and expanded levels.

Book List:

  1. Read Jane Robert’s Seth Speaks.
  2. Carlos Castaneda’s Teachings of Don Juan; Journey to Ixtlan;

The Art of Dreaming.

  1. Love Medicine & Miracles, Bernie Siegel, M.D.
  2. Any books by Shakti Gawain
  3. Quantum-Touch 2 by Richard Gordon, and his newest book.
  4. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
  5. Books by Depak Chopra
  6. Books by Carolyn Myss
  7. Books by Paul Cohelho
  8. Full Catastrophe Living (Revised Edition): Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness by Jon-kabot Zinn
  9. Meditation books by Thich Nhat Hanh
  10. How to Meditate: A Practical Guide by Pema Chodron
  11. Books that focus on the Divine Feminine (not related to Witchcraft)

A few books for deeper research on healing:

  1. The Quantum Mind and Healing, The Shaman’s Body by Arnold Mindell
  2. The Cosmic Serpent-DNA and the Origins of Knowledge by Jeremy Narby
  3. Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra

This list is unfinished and I am adding more titles to be printed up soon.

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